LeBron James & The Nike Hyperdunk+
  • BiGShoTBoB415

    Really this will all depend how well Kobe recovers. Everyone just assumes because he’s Kobe he’ll be back to the dominating force he once was. IMO they don’t have anything to offer Bron that he doesn’t have any Miami but better. They may have a shot at Carmelo but only because LaLa might welcome the move to LaLa for her career. “Full Court” moves to L.A. the producers at VH1 would be all over it that’s forsure. But even with that shes a Brooklyn native.

  • diablofreak

    let this be a lesson to you kids, heroin is a helluva drug.

  • Jay K Chang

    you guys gotta get your articles edited…always see one or two typos

  • http://www.waystid.com/ Tre Blak

    Melo will NOT play for a coach that tried to trade him and one that he got fired. Bron aint going nowhere but back home.