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Report: Luis Scola Traded To Indiana Pacers

Luis Scola

Luis Scola has been traded to the Indiana Pacers, according to an ESPN.com report. Juan Sebastia, the big man’s publicist, tweeted that the trade will be announced officially tomorrow. Marc Stein reports Phoenix will receive Gerald Green and draft considerations in exchange for the 6-9 power forward.

The Pacers have been after Scola’s talents for the past few years, and see him as the perfect backup behind David West and Roy Hibbert. He’s physical and yet has the ability to step out and shoot jumpers, something all of the Pacers’ big men can do.

What do you think?

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  • ablade

    Solid signing for them. He’s not a spring chicken but he should be solid coming off the bench or filling in for injuries. They’ve done a good job of strengthening the squad this off-season without changing anything too dramatically.

    Maybe this is the team to break the “you need a superstar player (or three) in your roster to win the NBA” myth? Maybe…

    It would be a delicious irony if the Pacers won the title with a bunch of mid-round picks and journey-men in the era of every-team either trying to be Miami (by filling the squad with expensive contracts), OKC (by tanking and filling the squad with high lottery picks) or filling their entire frontoffice with a bunch of analytical specialists and signing players on metrics.

    The Pacers are one of the few teams who’ve just thrown a group of (good!) players together to form a team and trained them up to be competitors. The old-fashioned way. I certainly wouldn’t begrudge them a title (they just have the “small problem” of getting past Lebron)!

  • Chris Callihan

    I agree, but Paul George is right on the verge of being a superstar

  • 2cents

    Well said Ablade. Would be a nice change from teams “buying” championships.

  • cesar
  • ablade

    Yeah, I agree, I think he’s a great player. There aren’t many weaknesses to his game, very few players are good at just about all aspects of the game.

    I love Hibbert too, I don’t think he’s the most skilled player in the NBA, but if there was an enthusiastic player award, he’d walk away with it every year. I love seeing the on-court interviews with him, his adrenaline is still pumping and he goes on a crazy rant!

    Less than 10 years ago they were “the thugs” and despised. Now it seems that a lot of fans (of other teams) have warmed to them. It’s funny how they’ve turned things around; from villains to likeable underdogs in a few years! That’s sport for you I guess. :)