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Kyrie Irving Responds On Twitter To Rumor He Will Leave Cleveland When His Contract Runs Out

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving (photo. @KyrieIrving)

On the air for CBS Sports Radio this morning, host Brandon Tierney said “I’ve heard from someone in the know…Kyrie Irving not long for Cleveland.” Irving responded to the rumor on Twitter this morning.

First the rumor:

It should be noted that Tierney is standing by his proclamation as he made evident with a series of tweets this morning owning the statement on the show:

Tierney also acknowledged that Irving is signed through next season with a team option for 2014-15 at which point they’ll try to lock him down with a max extension, per HoopsWorld.com

But Irving responded to the allegations with a not-quite denial over Twitter this morning:

Do you think Kyrie Irving will stay in Cleveland when his contract is up?

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  • JackPackage

    He won’t stay with them though, will he? Granted, a lot of journalists are obnoxious and their ‘sources’ are often questionable and fictitious but we ALL know that Kyrie Irving will not retire a Cavalier. Sure, he’ll reluctantly sign Cleveland’s contract when he becomes a restricted free agent but I guarantee that he won’t see that contract out in Cleveland.

    One of many mistakes that Cleveland have made with their rebuild, is drafting players who will have no intention of being loyal to the team that drafted them. (Not that players have any obligation to be ‘loyal’ but Cleveland have been very publicly burned by their star leaving and so you would assume loyalty would be a priority when drafting young talent).

    The principled; Kevin Durant, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki types are quite a rarity nowadays.

    Cleveland should have prioritised character over everything, perhaps even talent in some extreme cases. Players like Brandon Knight, Harrison Barnes, Derrick Williams, Jonas Valanciunas, etc. Might not be as talented as Kyrie (might not, though they are certainly more likely to stay healthy) but they are pretty much guaranteed to not be looking to bolt for greener pastures the first chance they get.