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UPDATE: J.R. Smith Dyes Hair Red

UPDATE: J.R. Smith has now dyed his hair red to honor the New Jersey Devils hockey team. He posted a pic on Instagram with the caption, #DevilishFridays, and if you look closely under the brim of his Devils snapback, you can see the devil-red locks.

We don’t know if Smith will be asked to shave the latest hair transformation by coach Mike Woodson, but we figure that’s why Smith is hiding it under the hat.


J.R. Smith

(photo. reddit username: treeyyy)

New York Knicks sixth man, J.R. Smith, has made some interesting style choices over his career. Now he’s made another, but this time it concerns his hair. The 6-6 Knicks guard decided to switch up his look and dye his hair blonde, a la Dennis Rodman. Twitter has had a field day with the new ‘do, so we’re bringing you best reactions to Smith’s formerly bleached tresses.

Before we get into the reactions about his hair, it would be unfair not to mention the difference Smith has made in the life of one man suffering from Down Syndrome, Brad Hennefer. Jared Zwerling detailed the friendship between Smith and Hennefer for ESPN New York. He tells the story of a J.R. Smith many fans don’t get to see, or simply don’t want to see.

But J.R. has made headlines this week not because he befriended a man suffering from Down Syndrome, but because he decided to dye his hair blonde, as Beyond the Buzzer first reported. The new look was an homage to the film Meteor Man. Unfortunately for fans of the new style, Knicks coach Mike Woodson did not approve, and now the blonde locks have been shorn.

But that didn’t stop fans from tweeting at J.R. Smith about the hairstyle and the role the media plays in our discussion of his various off-the-court activities.

Keep reading to see some of our favorites.

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  • Mark

    Red locks blonde locks? Where the hell do these people see locks on him???? Its called a dark caeser!

  • BadNewsBronson

    Locks refer to anyone with a chain of hair or long hair. Troy Polamalu currently of the Steelers, Scoula of the Pacers, Snoop Dog, to any one female you see walking down the street with a pony tail are examples of individuals adorning locks or long hair. Agreed, JR has a dark, dark cesar in the picture. Not everyone is aware of what a dark caes is.

  • Richard Santos

    You guys are both morons. Locks is a term used for any kind of hair. His locks are styled in a Caesar haircut.

  • Mark

    Bro is you fucking stupid? How the fuck is locks a term used for any kind of hair? You must live under a rock fucking cock sucka! nigga fuck you!

  • Richard Santos

    Please reread your most recent comment and seriously ask the question “IS you tucking stupid?” again. “Dreadlocks” is a description of a hairstyle. Ever heard of the story “Goldilocks”? Yep, it implies that her hair is golden. As far as where I’m from, and where I’ve been, well lets see. Born and raised in NYC, I’ve been to Guam, Thailand, Japan(thrice) Iraq, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and the Phillipines. Unlike you, who has probably never left Staten Island unless its to get you crack from Harlem. You Jersey wearing halfwit.

  • Mark

    Bro you a clown and a joke lmao this nigga wanna act like hes gone to those places on his own nigga they shipped ya ass to those places dont try to bullshit me, fuck outta here! If your bitch ass was still in ny you would have neva gone no where real talk my nigga you is full of it! You fucking punk bitch!