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DeShawn Stevenson Wants To Team Up With LeBron James In Miami; Fans Go Wild On Twitter

DeShawn Stevenson

DeShawn Stevenson (photo. DeShawn Stevenson)

The bad history between LeBron James and DeShawn Stevenson is well-known. Soulja Boy. Jay-Z. Cleveland. Washington. It’s safe to say no one thought they’d ever be teammates, even after Stevenson tried to squash the beef just before their matchup in the 2011 NBA Finals (Stevenson was with Dallas; LeBron had moved on to Miami). Still, no one expected this: Stevenson took to Twitter this weekend to say he’s trying to become LeBron’s teammate in Miami.

Stevenson last played in Atlanta, averaging 5.1 points a night this past season on a respectable 36.4 percent from beyond the arc. He’s now an unrestricted free agent after officially clearing waivers on Sunday. The Heat, after recently signing Greg Oden, hasn’t made any overtures towards the 32-year-old swingman, but could use more shooting to help replace Mike Miller‘s vacated spot.

At this point, Stevenson probably isn’t much more than a 10th man on a championship team, so this might just come down to whether Miami still thinks he can play… rather than an old feud with the team’s franchise player.

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  • diablofreak

    it’s been well documented and well known that kobe likes to team up with competitors that gave him fits (mwp/artest, matt barnes, raja bell) but i doubt any one of those 3 ever disrespected kobe like deshawn had disrespected lebron

  • Eduardo nunez

    We need someone to help especially when it comes to defense oden and Stevenson can protect especially if they face the pacers in the playoffs or Brooklyn

  • Lawanda Jones

    he looks like a mentally challenged hipster wannabe

  • Atom

    Deshawn has an ATM machine in his kitchen? Classy.