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Don’t Look Now: Anthony Davis Is The Next Kevin Garnett

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Over the years the basketball world has been looking for the next Michael Jordan, the next special play-making anomaly of Magic Johnson, or the next dominant big man in the mold of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlin, or Shaquille O’Neal. Interestingly enough, there are more unique basketball specimens in the history of the game, like revolutionary power forward Kevin Garnett. The next evolution in the athletic power forward might have already been found.

Superior agility, athleticism, and overall basketball skill are rare traits for a 7-footer that is supposed to live in the paint.

Garnett, and now Anthony Davis, are the exceptions to that rule.

In the past five to six years very few players have come in with the same hype and expectations as Davis. The former No. 1 overall pick for the New Orleans Pelicans came in with the type of hype that could crush some players. Coming out of the University of Kentucky as a freshman, Davis was a household name for his defensive abilities, potential, growth spurt, championship swagger, and “facial hair.”

One major difference between Davis and Garnett over their basketball journeys: Garnett came straight from high school as a raw, 19-year-old, while Davis had a year of seasoning in college. While they were both 19 at the end of their amateur careers, there is no denying the value of a year of competing against the best collegiate athletes in the world.

Davis’ athletic prowess and skill-set is something that has not been seen on a basketball court since Kevin Garnett.

They each have a fluid ability to do things on a basketball court that 7-footers traditionally have never done. Neither plays much with their back to the basket while wearing down opponents in the paint. Rather, they use athleticism and versatility to their advantage, making their opponents come out to the perimeter before putting them on their heels with their explosive quickness.

Continue reading to see how Garnett and Davis compare early in their careers.

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  • BiGShoTBoB415

    Woah those are some big shoes to fill. The Kid…The Big Ticket…KG. I agree he definitely has the tools. But like you said the biggest thing getting in his way would be the lack of intensity and mindset to dominate everytime he’s out there.

  • Stradio

    I think Anthony Davis has the skillset to do it, he just needs to find the motivation to become the greatest at his position like KG had. He has the range on the jumper, the defensive instincts, the agility play the face up game at the high post, and now he’s bulked up over the summer and has some great new teammates. The only thing he needs to work on to surpass Garnett is his passing, he’s nowhere close to the passer that KG has become.

  • Horace Grant

    wrong….i have watched almost every game this guy has had since college….you are dead wrong about his intensity

    not everybody is a fake tough guy like garnett….davis brings it every night

  • Horace Grant

    KG has played for 15+ years…..of course he is a better passer right now

    KG wasn’t exactly a great passer in the mid to late 90’s though

  • Stradio

    Well KG averaged 3 apg from the PF position in his 2nd year in the league, which is pretty outstanding. He has always had the passing gene.

  • Stradio

    But anyway I was only saying that because watching Anthony all year I’ve noticed he isn’t exactly the most willing passer, though of course he does make the right play most of the time, but it’s just something he needs to work on.

  • blue

    Kg is soft, scary and just a jump shooting big man whose bark is 1000% tougher than is bite

    Davis needs to be taking after duncan (the greatest pf ever)

    I wouldn’t put kg over barkley, malone or dirk

    Don’t do it davis. Aint nothing soft about new orleans. We do need u being like that pussy

  • blue

    True…kg was lacking the shooting gene and taking big shot gene