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Roy Hibbert Has Gotten Huge This Summer (Photo)

We’ve been tracking Roy Hibbert‘s off-season pretty closely here at Dime. His social media presence alone has made him an interesting Twitter follow. He’s also been lifting quite a bit in preparation for next season. But we had no idea how big he’s gotten.

Hibbert was down in San Antonio this week working out with Tim Duncan. Today, he uploaded a photo to his IG featuring Duncan and some boxing coaches they trained with today. Hibbert looks, well, GIGANTIC.

He looks like the HULK compared to Duncan and just about everyone in that photo, all of whom are athletes. Keep in mind that Duncan’s lost some weight in an effort to release the pressure he puts on his 37-year-old knees, but HOLY MOTHER OF — Hibbert almost looks like he’s training in Lilliput.

Hibbert’s sculpted arms look truly terrifying in his IG photo. We cannot wait for someone to test the 7-2 280 lb. titan in the playoffs next season. He looks ready.

Beast mode now engaged.

What do you think?

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  • BiGShoTBoB415

    He looks taller than Duncan as well.

  • LozZz

    That’s because he IS taller. 3 inches by listed height, but probably more in reality

  • cesar

    he looks like he is 6in taller than TD in the pic!

  • Lawanda Jones

    he is one big black mandingo god, I’m getting wet thinking about his bigness

  • diablofreak

    shaq 2.0 – i can’t wait to see shaq hype Hibbert up to high heaven (not saying Roy isn’t great) while nitpick on everything dwight does. CAN’T WAIT

  • JackPackage

    He is gigantic, he makes Tim Duncan look like a moderately sized small forward.

    The Pacers will look like they have Colossus from the X-Men defending the paint. I want to see when the first person tries to test him in the lane and he goes beast mode and rips their arm off.

    In the continued absence of a team in Seattle, I kinda want Indiana to win it all this season. They’ve drafted a good core of players with crappy draft picks and built a great team.

  • 2cents

    The only concern now will be if his knees can now stand the pressure of 82 games with that added bulk.

  • Israel Buenaobra

    i see knee problems in the near future for this kid

  • Israel Buenaobra

    but by god he’s gigantic! watchout drawf dwight!

  • Ashley Stephens