Video / Aug 1, 2013 / 8:26 pm

Watch John Wall Throw A Full-Court Alley-Oop…To Himself

John Wall

John Wall is apparently fast enough to throw himself a full-court alley-oop – at least that’s what it looks like in this video. Wall’s speed earned him the No. 1 spot in our ranking of the 25 fastest players in the NBA. Check the video for evidence…

What do you think?

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  • bartek

    looks like a fake :/

  • Mr.Count

    *gasps* NOOOO can’t be!

  • KleRoi


  • fuck

    whats the purpose of fake videos

  • 2cents

    This is about as believable as anything that comes out of Capitol Hill these days…

  • Lena

    Fraudulent…let me see this with the camera above so we can watch Wall and the ball!

  • Jermaine Jones

    I hate these stupid fake videos. The camera work wasn’t even good while on the ball.

  • Nick

    Yeah guys…I don’t know. I honestly think it might be a fake, but it’s hard to tell. My friend’s a video analyst in forensics, so I’m going to send it to him and see what he says.
    But just going by my GUT…I think it’s fake.

  • Keith Gormley

    Red Bull ad, and clearly fake. But entertaining.

  • Guest


  • Robert Revolt Educate

    obviously he didn’t get there…it’s meant to be a gas…