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Dwyane Wade & Kevin Durant Trade Barbs Over Twitter

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade (photo. Instagram/DwyaneWade)

In an interview with Cinesport released earlier tonight, Kevin Durant revealed some thoughts about Sports Illustrated‘s NBA player rankings. His seemingly harmless comments about their top 10 players has provoked the ire of Dwyane Wade.

Durant felt Sports Illustrated‘s recent NBA rankings should have included former Thunder teammate James Harden in the top 10, instead of their Wade selection at No. 8. Wade took umbrage with Durant’s answer and decided to respond via Twitter. He sent a tweet earlier tonight saying “don’t believe me just watch,” linking to the below Instagram message:

Durant responded on Twitter an hour later:

Training camps open soon and Gatorade’s marketing department hasn’t been this happy since Bernie Pitzel wrote “Be Like Mike” at Avanzare.

[h/t Miami Heat Index]

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  • Kwaku Danso

    James Harden SHOULD be ranked higher than Wade….This’ll be a moot point when Wade goes down with his next injury.

  • http://www.remixcomic.com/ Nodoubt223rd

    Come on seriously? Take the list in the context it belongs in… Harden hasn’t accomplished anything yet, so he doesn’t belong on this list. He had one great season and he’s already better than Wade? Come on man! Let’s see how he does this year when defenses key in on him.

  • Aaron Childers

    what does he need to accomplish? harden is a beast, had a better season than wade, and is more important to his team. even with d12 if harden goes down the team suffers. the heat would be fine without wade.

  • 2cents

    I just hope this isn’t scripted BS. I would love for the NBA to bring back some spite and good old fashioned rivalries.

  • kyle

    harden hasn’t proven shit people think he is beter then kobe and now d wade fucking come on when you get championships and not just one not just two but 3+ then we will compare him to wade kobe *he wont ever be good enough to compare to Jordan kobe or wade just watch*

  • Damien

    Sadly, today’s NBA fans want super-stars and players to be buddies.

  • Damien

    Wade is obviously a better player, but Harden had a better season. Wade is on the decline, and Harden will only get better because he’s much younger. I do think Durant should of avoided the question, try some way to deflect.