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Hakeem Olajuwon Working With Jeremy Lin On His Post Game

Jeremy Lin

We know Hakeem Olajuwon has become the Pai Mei of low-post mentorship. He helped LeBron James develop a low-post presence before he became an NBA champion, he’s helping Dwight Howard in Houston and he’d like a crack at helping Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, too. But now he’s set his teaching sites on…Jeremy Lin?

Mark Berman of the Fox Sports in Houston, sent out a series of tweets, and spoke with Dream during a recent excursion to Aspen about his work with, not just Dwight, but the 6-3 point guard from Harvard, Jeremy Lin. Olajuwon joined Rockets head coach Kevin McHale in Colorado to oversee the training of Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin. He was impressed with both, but the Lin post moves were a revelation.

Not only does Olajuwon believe Lin can take smaller guards in the post, but after witnessing him shoot in Aspen, he believes Lin’s struggles with his shooting accuracy are hooey and were unfairly trumped up because of the hype surrounding his 2012 season in New York.

Said Olajuwon:

“The first thing I told [Lin] when I saw him shooting, you hear from different people, a lot of them say he cannot shoot. So I went to him and I said ‘I thought you can’t shoot,’ because the way he was shooting, I was very impressed. He was working on his shot. He was shooting tough shots and was making them.

“So I went to him (and said) I thought you can’t shoot and he was laughing. He really has been working on his shot and I love his work ethic.”

Olajuwon also thinks the addition Howard this summer — combined with James Harden — will take pressure off Jeremy to perform to a supernatural degree after he burst onto the scene with the Knicks in 2012.

“To be on the right team, which he is right now, he can really help and play his role very well and be effective,” Olajuwon said. “There’s no pressure on him now.

“It’s on Dwight and James (Harden). His position is crucial for the team’s success and he can play that role very well.”

Keep reading to hear Olajuwon’s thoughts on the big man in the middle for Houston this upcoming season.

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  • dzdvvvv


  • dzdvvvv

    Jeremy is underestimated absolutely,being stolen ball controlling by James Harden…I believe he is a high talented player ,not to mention he has been keeping progressing

  • Tim

    Lin was always a very good player with the possibility of greatness. It’s just that haters wanted to hate. Lin’s mediocre first half of last year was because he had not fully recovered from his knee injury.

    Remember, that was the SAME injury the took Westbrook out of the playoffs, but Lin foolishly kept playing on the injury in New York before finally giving in and having surgery. So, Lin, trying to be Mr. Tough-guy, caused an injury to get worse and take many months to heal instead of the normal 2 months to heal after surgery. The 2nd half of last season, Lin’s FG%, 3pt% and assist avg went back to All-Star levels.

    People hate on Lin’s playoff problems but, again, he was injured.

  • Joe Kuykendall

    What program did you use to put these little picnic tables and houses on the comments section like that? ^^^