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Michael Jordan’s Daughter Engages In Some Instagram Trash Talk With Gary Payton’s Son

Like father like daughter it appears. Gary Payton‘s son, Gary Dwyane Payton, posted a pic on IG of his soon-to-be Hall-of-Fame bound father talking smack to Michael Jordan. Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine M. Jordan, decided to continue the trash talking into the next generation.

Gary Dwyane Payton posted the above pic with the caption: “What you think he was saying @mickijae lol #goodolddays #GPweek.” @mickijae is Jordan’s daughter, Jasmine, and she took the bait, just like her uber famous Old Man would. The Jordan family, it appears, do not back down from a verbal challenge.

Jasmine responded, “Lol my dad had to remind ya dad that he wasn’t about that life sir. 😄”

We absolutely love that the progeny of two of the fiercest comeptitors in NBA history — not to mention two of the all-time great trasher talkers in the game — have continued the tradition laid down by their famous fathers. Well played all around, but we’re like Gary Dwyane Payton in that we really want to know what MJ and GP were saying to each other. It’s probably best kept as a mystery though.

What do you think?

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  • SweetdickWilly

    I don’t see how Gary figured he won by trying to get in MJ’s head. At best, he slowed the rate of him getting his 30-35+ ppg & the title.

  • spencer

    Gary’s all bombast, but he’s self aware about it so it makes it more easily digestable when he says stuff like that. But yeah, the GOAT is the GOAT.

  • Chicagorilla

    Just watched the Playoff game where Gary Payton was going at it with Karl Malone in the 2000 West confr playoffs. Payton went toe to toe with Malone like a bad a$$ little kid in the park talking shyt to the neighborhood bully. It was awesome.

  • Chicagorilla

    and my guess here?

    Payton: I got your a$$ locked down!
    Jordan: Yeh but look at the scoreboard. We kicking yall a$$

    Payton: Maaaan F*^k you.
    Jordan: Pip…Give me the ball.

  • Neighbor HoodGlickz

    My guess is he’s reminding GP of how many rings he’s got… As apposed to.

  • MrNiceGuy92

    Opposed*. Damn shame, lol.

  • Monday

    GP, Dr. J, and the rest of them hating on da G.O.A.T (MJ) are just jealous coz he got all they ever dreamed of but could never achieve.

  • rizzy

    Lol this was really funny

  • JAY

    I’m guessing you didnt watch that series. Payton held MJ. Karl only put GP on MJ fulltime after game 3. Look up MJs scoring output and shooting percentages in game 4, 5 and 6. Well below MJ’s standard. and the numbers don’t tell the whole story. MJ had a hell of a time with Payton shadowing him everywhere he went. It was actually pretty humbling to watch. MJ looked… dare I say it?…… mortal.

  • JAY

    The photographer definitely caught Payton mid F-bomb in that pic.

  • Moss

    Or they’re just giving their honest, highly informed opinions. Why is it that whenever someone doesn’t blindly agree that MJ is GOAT they’re instantly a hater. Are they not allowed their own opinion?

  • Lamar Donte Jones

    It’s not a opinion its bitterness

  • TJP

    Agreed. Look what happened to the Bulls the year after Jordan retired, 55 something wins and they reached game 7 of the ECF. By that maybe Pippen was the most important player on that team.

  • will

    Well we all know Jordan told all of them that no one will get a ring until he retires, and that what happened and he still could not get one even when mike left the game. now that’s real talk not trash talk. G.P. could not even win a ring with Malone, Kobe, Shaq, Horry, and so forth. trash talk that M.J. G.O.A.T.

  • Monday

    Am I not also entitled to mine?

  • Monday

    And what was the end result? Oh, let me take a lay man’s guess……ANOTHER TITLE 4 da BULLS, right? Nuff said!!!!

  • JAY

    No doubt… but I’m just responding the other dude’s post. That guy obviously didn’t watch the series. Spewing some stuff about MJ being slow to 30-35ppg?? Nah dude… anyone who says that type of stuff is obviously misinformed. Payton held him in their personal matchup, and he might be one of the only guys in the history of the game to be able to claim that.

    And basketball is a team game, right? The Bulls won that series because Rodman was grabbing every single rebound. But of course, nobody wants to give credit where it’s due…. the socially acceptable thing to do is give all the credit to MJ, even when he was held to his worst playoff series ever.

  • juan

    fuck the nba a going to stop watching nba becuse gay payton heis not hall of fame that is suck ……..

  • http://www.instagram.com/shadotcom PGC

    I thought I was the only one who felt that way too. Yea he played some good D but …..???

  • Don Servants

    Of course.but u know

  • Don Servants

    Im tryin to your point.ok he stopped.but the end results are rings.gp can say I stopped mj but no rings.do that make sense ask gp which 1 he rather had rings or holding jordan below his avg.

  • jon

    I guarantee gp respects Jordan they just trash talkin.gp is not a hater and everybody knows that.just like kg they play ball hard and they both trash talk its a part of the game.he’s very competitive and hands down 1 of the best,ring or not.don’t tell me none of u talk shit when u play ball.