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The 20 Most Unstoppable Players In NBA 2K Video Game History

LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. 2K Sports)

Video games are supposed to be a virtual adaptation to the product we see on the court, especially in basketball. This being said, we all can think of players that pop into our heads that were virtually unstoppable in a video game. Those players that your friends considered cheating if you used… yeah, those guys. The teams that your friend (who never played before) used and almost beat you.

Remember all those arguments back in college when you’d face off with a roommate and he’d refuse — flat out REFUSE — to use any other players? And then you’d look at the stats at the end of it and it’d be something like: LeBron James – 68 points. The rest of the Cavs – 11. Oh the memories.

With the release of the NBA video games for 2013-14 just around the corner, I compiled this list of the best NBA 2K players from my 2K playing days, some of them being virtual players that were a lot better than their real game suggested.

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NBA 2K13
In real life, Andre Iguodala plays like a poor man’s LeBron James. In 2K13, Iggy plays like LeBron James. It’s kind of insane — he definitely falls into the list of players whose video “game” is better than their actual game. No knock on the guy, but he’s crazy in 2K13. His jumper is way more reliable than it is in real life, and in 2K13 he has the ability to dunk over anyone and everyone. Iggy has long been a video game terror, going all the way back to the years where guys would morph to the hoop from like 15 feet away.

Iguodala can throw it down, but not at the rate that he does in 2K13. Iguodala rarely scores over 20 points a game, but his virtual game makes it hard to NOT score 20-plus with the guy. I’m a Sixers fan and watched him for many years. I would’ve DIED for the 2K13 version of Andre Iguodala in real life.

NBA 2K12
Here we find Kevin Durant‘s counterpart in 2K12. Yeah, this was a little unfair. I don’t think there’s a player in 2K12 that has the speed of Westbrook, combined with his power. Bringing the ball up the court with Westbrook is just unfair. You could have a defender waiting to pick him up and he would roll right by him to the rim for a slam. I can’t count the number of people I’ve made quit in the first quarter because all I had to do was go coast-to-coast with Westbrook every time. It was easy mode. You could score 50 just dunking with Westbrook. Count on getting a bunch of and-1s too, because he would dunk on everyone and get the blocking foul called every time. Combined with his improved jump shot from midrange and deep, Russell Westbrook was primed to be a threat everywhere on the court in 2K12.

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  • coolbreeze17

    List is slacking without NBA 2k2 Paul Pierce. Flat out dominant, ridiculous 98 rating, Pull up from anywhere.

  • Chicagorilla

    For some reason Magic Johnson(2k12), Isiah Thomas(2k9), Dr. J(2k10), and Patrick Ewing (2k2) were so damn unguardable. Patrick Ewing in 2k2 was like the (Young or Old) Shaq stopper. Even Wilt and Kareem couldn’t mess with him. kinda weird when you think about it.

  • fuddron

    Gilbert Arenas in 2K8 was unstoppable. Come on now.

  • alpha beta

    While his rating was not outstanding, 2k11 Ray Allen was a beast!!!!! Shoot any three, and it’s guaranteed to go in

  • MeloMandd

    This list sucks. Jr Smith is by far the best player I have ever used

  • derrick

    in 2k14 i wanna se a houston rockets team with TMAC & YAO

    And i want Mcgrady to be unstoppable , just because he retired.

    Actually he was unstoppable : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0lFHcB0g5w

  • Jermaine Jrake Melvin

    They for got all bout Jr smith he was unstoppable in 2k9 10 11 12 and a lil bit in 13

  • ronald reagan

    this shit was so poorly written

  • Mark Lord Baesa

    Sir, great content (I am an avid 2k series fan and I find these players unstoppable as well), but I’d like to suggest a proofreader before you publish it out..

  • MDogg aka Marvello

    Ray Allen in 2k11 should be in that list. I destroyed everyone imaginable with him and Lebron should be top 3

  • Travis – DJ TDIGGADY

    Yea I got HAM with Steph Curry

  • Whiteboy

    uM kKevin Garnett in NBA 2k9 and 2k8 could do just about anything. He was a 99 and was just so cheap to use with allen and pp

  • Whiteboy

    Paul Pierce in 2k2 was like being lil wayne in the club. just rain.

  • marvinchristiantelfortsanon

    James Harden 2K13 nuff said

  • Angelo Dundee

    Michael Jordan, he couldn’t miss. Double or triple team.

    Well it was like that in real life as well lol.

  • Az

    Chris paul is always crazy esp in 2k13, crawford def a killer as well. With Curry I don’t know why I get 3 pt cold streaks, I first try to get 5 assists and then start looking for the 3 after passing the ball around but still I can’t get em to go. Sometimes if you do leaners they are more likely to go which is weird

  • Ismael Has An

    the shot release

  • lilownz141

    2k9 Ben Gordon?!?!? he’s what 2k8 steve nash and 2k13 Curry could only DREAM of being!

  • john

    2k11-2k13 D-wade..

  • pelacur

    bill walker in 2k13. and the big one u missed is KG in 2k4. he was a beast. could do it all.

  • shizzCochino

    James White from the Rockets on 2k11 or 2k12. Dude couldnt do anything but dunk and you had to put him on your active roster on the rockets to play with him. Some dude WHOOPED me with him online. I was flabbergasted…

  • MoneyMont

    Melo should be higher on this list he’s my go to player anytime someone goes to LeBron since 08

  • MoneyMont

    Melo should be higher on this list he’s my go to player anytime someone goes to LeBron since 08

  • Antoine Relerford

    No Brandon Roy, 2k9? I used to drop 40+ consistently

  • Jose Ismael

    funny jej everyone with brains knows that kobe bryant is number 1 off course the system will say michael jordan is number one

  • Jose Ismael

    lebron # 6 lfmao and he is the covr guy lol rolf

  • JaredBanks

    some players you missed
    brandon roy(2k9)
    Dwade(pre- lebron era)
    Dwight Howard(2k13 unstoppable in the paint)
    bill russell(2k12)
    Jerry West(2k13 he doesn’t miss from midrange)
    Allen Iverson(2k8 him and melo were unstoppable i went 23-2 online with them)
    Dominique Wilkins(2k13 he dunks EVERYTHING )
    Gilbert arenas(2k7/2K8)
    These are just some of the dudes that i feel should have made the list

  • Boberto

    Melo NBA 2k11,12,13 can bust any1s a$$$ in any 2k of all time

  • Knicks_11ThePoet

    shut ur a.ss up.

    but u are right. Melo the unstoppable king

  • Julian M Williams

    Yes Tmac was unstoppable in his prime. And that Houston Rockets team was my favorite. Too bad their stars were plagued with injuries

  • Rashidi

    Why is Jordan the only Legend listed as #1 when there are a ton of Legends who saw play on MyTeam in 2K13? Magic, Jerry West, Dominique are pretty beast

  • Darren Le

    I call bullshit..If you ain’t playing with at least a *Superstar* difficulty, you’re not really doing these things.

  • JaredBanks

    naw superstar is for pussies play on HOF and they pretty much play the same unstoppable as shit

  • JaredBanks

    Basically anyone who’s maxed out or anyone who has the posterizer skill is unstoppable on 2k13

  • MykeThought

    Dwade on 2k13 is crazy good.I had a dude beat me alone with him like wth it was like playing a 2k6 dwade.I wish the game has it where if your not involving the team they play worst as a team making it more effective to use the whole team

  • D Tucker Sr

    What about Big Yao in 2k11? It should be a #1 & 1a. I use to have games online where id outscore woke teams with him. People quit on me all the time. One game I had 78 with him with 3:50 left in the game. Check my stats on PSN: dtuckpg33

  • Nikolas Gkilis

    James Harden NBA 2k 13 it just ridiculous :p

  • sjl9492

    JR Smith and Danny Granger are no doubt in the 2k hall of fame

  • Harnoor Singh

    exactly! if you’re not saying Wade, then you must have never used him in a 2k game!

  • Epul

    No Jr Smith? On 2k he’s unguardable

  • Harry Ford

    Kobe Bryant hands down I mastered his shot in 2k3 dropped 100+ pts with him on my brother who played with the Steve Nash led mavs up until 2k11 I was unstoppable with kobe

  • Stephen Chen

    what about dwight howard??

  • Jay

    Wade should be number 1. That dude should be on the list because there was absolutely “Nothing” you could to stop him from scoring. He would take of from the back court and fly into the hoop and get fouled and make the free throw. Ugh i hated guarding him in 2k13.


    2k7 Kobe Bryant was literally cheating..his team was only 74 but you could never lose with the Lakers in that game because Kobe could score all of your team’s points effortlessly