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Derrick Rose Already Looks Like The Fastest Player In The NBA… Again

Derrick Rose

“When you start backpedaling against Derrick Rose, you know you’re in trouble.” Doesn’t it feel great to hear that again? Over the weekend, we saw Rose put in his first bucket since the injury and then later his first dunk. Then in last night’s 19-point win over Memphis, the former NBA MVP finished with 13 points and three steals, but most importantly, he showcased that jaw-dropping speed.

Rose is already pushing the coaching staff for more minutes. Last night, he played 23 after getting 20 against Indiana this weekend. Through two preseason games, he has 26 points (including 10 free throw attempts against the Grizzlies) and six assists to five turnovers.

What do you think?

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  • UncheckedAggression

    That guy is so damn fast, but I hardly notice a difference between him and Westbrook when it comes to getting down the court. Wall is up there, too.

    The SportVU data from last year was interesting, but only half the teams in the NBA had the setup and even then it was a fairly small sample size. Moving forward, it’ll be cool to see who has the shortest overall in-game time from one end of the floor to the other. Because if I remember right, the SportVU data had Parker as last year’s winner…