NBA / Oct 30, 2013 / 10:00 pm

Michael Carter-Williams Introduces Himself To The NBA In High Style

michael carter-wiliams

Michael Carter-Williams and his stylist (Photo. Daniel Marks)

Former Syracuse freshman and progeny of hyphen enthusiasts Michael Carter-Williams, had one of the more remarkable opening games in NBA history. He came a single steal and 3 rebounds away from recording a quadruple-double! A freakin’ quad-double! Oh yeah, the Sixers — who we’ve secretly wagered wouldn’t reach double digit wins this season — beat the 2-time defending champion Heat, too.

For the game, MCW’s was 6-for-10 from the field including 4-for-6 from 3-point range for 22 points. He also had 7 rebounds, 12 assists and a record for an NBA debut, 9 steals, including a couple big ones in the latter stages of the fourth quarter when the Sixers ran away with the 114-110 win.

His first bucket in the NBA was a dunk, and he helped lead his team to an upset of the defending champions (though it should be noted the Heat were missing Dwyane Wade on the second night of a back-to-back).

Auspices beginnings for the youngster out of ‘Cuse, but now that Philly has won, which team is going to lead the way for Andrew Wiggins?

What do you think?

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  • Chicagorilla

    Soooo THAT’s the dunk you chose to show from this game huh? I’m pretty sure there was a far more impressive dunk that involved Lebron James. Or did he already confiscate that footage?

  • spencer

    If you’re referring to Evan Turner’s dunk [near] LeBron, I think we need to discuss the definition of “poster dunk.”

  • Chicagorilla

    really? Really? So now when Lebron gets dunked on we can’t call it being on a poster. Why don’t we just changed the entire game of basketball to fit around Lebrons wants and needs.

    He clearly got dunked on. He clearly was put on a poster.
    So much so that the next time Turner got a fastbreak, Lebron punked out and didn’t go for the block. He instead chose to do a light jog, which was a terrible play because Turner (who was preparing to go at Lebron again) lost his dribble and fumbled the ball. But because Lebron gave up on the play turner was able to regain control of the ball and finish with a easy dunk.

    Lebron has an entire video collection on youtube of him getting dunked on! Do we need to go through each time he got dunked on an debate if it was a poster or not?

  • jaceking

    ehhhh.. i only call it a poster if the guy actually goes up to block the dunker and misses: like there has to be a mid-air collision for it to be considered a poster.. but thats just IMO

    as far as getting dunked on? eh.. he was barely there. very impressive dunk tho.. im from philly so i watch ET all the time.. and he usually doesnt get up like that.. sooo yea.. great dunk.. but.. i wouldn’t even call that getting dunked ON.

  • 2cents

    That was a pretty impressive debut (and nice to see some fight in the forums) from MCW. Now lets see how they manage to ensure they tank enough to get Wiggins…

  • Chicagorilla

    Did you watch the GIF or the actual video? If you watch the Video you see Lebron stutterstep to get his feet set to jump, then he jumped. He just didn’t expect Turner to come at him like that so he misjudged how high he needed to go.
    He got dunked on. Plain and simple. It’s happened several times before so i’m not sure why defending him is such a big deal.

  • jaceking

    hahah… i really dont get it.. who the hell said i was defending him? u lebron haters really will do anything to try and insult him.. i could care less about him.

    im just saying i dont think it was necessarily getting dunked on. sure he was there.. and he jumped for the block.. but it looked like he didnt really wanna contest the shot.. actually looked like he jumped past turner cuz he knew he wasn’t gonna get a good look for the block. like he was trying to avoid being “dunked on” but just get in ETs way enough where itll bother him.

    but wutever.. if u really wanna make it about lebron getting dunked on.. go ahead.

  • jaceking

    anyway.. im really excited about MCW at least.. i was destroying everything in my path when they traded jrue away.. actually the the wound is still fresh. im still hatin..

    but at least the future looks a lil brighter than wut i previously thought..

    i dont condone tanking either.. think its stupid.. and sends the wrong message to our young players.. gets them into bad habits.. teaches them to lose rather than to strive and win.. but if we wan get wiggins.. i say we gotta trade thad and ET. put the ball in MCW’s hands so he can learn from experience..