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Warriors Rookie Hazing: “Hello Kitty” & “One Direction” Backpacks

It’s rookie hazing time. With a lot of rosters set, it’s time for the veterans to haze the incoming rookies that made the team. For the Golden State Warriors, that means a pair of backpacks commmemorating boy band, “One Direction,” and Japanese Bobtail animated cat, “Hello Kitty.” The targets, rookies Ognjen Kuzmic and Nemanja Nedovic.

The Oakland Tribune‘s Marcus Thompson posted a pic of the smiling rookies rocking the incriminating backpacks to his instagram. It’s not the NBA season until befuddled rookies are wearing children’s cartoon-inspired backpacks, so we’re happy this is currently happening.

That’s Kuzmic with the “Hello Kitty” backpack and Nedovic in “One Direction.” NBA rookie hazing is the best.

What do you think?

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  • 2cents

    Still think the best off all time was the rookie who got his car filled with pop-corn.

  • spencer

    Bazemore got popped in April.

  • Lawanda Jones

    i rub icy hot in their jock straps