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Jalen Rose Reckons Kemba Walker Intentionally Stuck His Leg Under Deron Williams

Deron Williams, Kemba Walker

Twisted ankles are a part of the NBA game. Huge athletes are running and jumping on a hardwood floor competing against one another at the highest level in the world. So it stands to reason guys will twist an ankle on occasion. But ESPN’s Jalen Rose sent a tweet out last night that appeared to blame Kemba Walker for Deron Williams latest ankle setback.

For this unfamiliar, earlier this year Jalen Rose admitted to purposely sticking his foot out when Kobe Bryant tweaked his ankle during the 2000 NBA Finals. Now here’s Jalen’s tweet:

But if you look at the below gif and video, it doesn’t seem like Kemba stuck out the leg in a malicious fashion.

Aside from the rabble-rouser, Rose, there are some who could rightfully be called out for this sort of devious defense (ahem), but we doubt Kemba did so intentionally. Regardless, Walker scored a season-high 31 points in Charlotte’s 95-91 win over Brooklyn. The Bobcats are now 6-6 (temper that enthusiasm for a second, though, since they started 7-5 last year) with Brooklyn falling to 3-8 on the season, matching the Knicks’ abysmal start.

According to Nets coach Jason Kidd, D-Will’s return date is in the air: “We don’t know how long he’s going to be out but, hopefully it’s a speedy recovery.” So, yeah, things look worse and worse for New York City basketball fans.

[vid via NBACIRCLETODAY; h/t Sheridan Hoops]

Do you think Kemba intentionally stuck his leg out?

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  • SweetdickWilly

    Jalen would know since he was cheesing like he won a prize when he confessed to doing that to Kobe when that ass was getting busted. Guys that pull shit like that either put on the innocent/”I don’t know what happened.” ala Bruce Bowen act, apologize but do it again at some point in time anyway and or act Kevin Garnett “hard” after they do it. They do it to at least try to get the shooter to miss but they do have malicious intent.

  • JAY

    I “get” that some guys do this intentionally, and Kemba may have done this on purpose before with other guys… but this incident doesn’t look intentional. It looks like he’s trying to stop his forward motion.