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The 20 Best Fan-Designed Logos For The 2014 Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Bobcats will unveil the franchise’s new “Hornets” logo at halftime of a Dec. 21 game against the Jazz, according to a statement from the team. This comes months after Michael Jordan announced the organization was returning to the “Hornets” handle in 2014-15, when they will also reclaim the purple and teal color scheme used by the original Hornets.

With a Bobcats colorway that was awkward from the start, fans have long clamored for a return to Charlotte’s most popular uniforms. Now, thanks to 99designs, they’ll have a chance to design their own.

99designs recently launched an unofficial fan-made logo design contest, which has already garnered more than 400 submissions from a global online community of 265,000-plus designers. 99designs is no rookie to this, either. You might recall when New Orleans announced plans to reveal a new “Pelicans” logo, the website created their own fan contest. The fan winner was every bit as good as the team’s eventual logo.

For your chance to get in on the action, head on over to the Hornets Logo Design Contest. Submissions will be accepted until Thursday (12/19), at which time a public poll will be issued for feedback. The winner will be announced just before the official unveiling this Saturday.

Take a look below at 20 of our favorites pulled from the fan community. Let’s hope the team’s official logo is as good as some of these.

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Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets (design. Michony)


Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets (design. gatro*)


Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets (design. chivee)


Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets (design. Trafalgar Law)

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  • north

    12 and 15 are hype and have the best elements to be turned into a sick uniform. I hope whatever they land on is better than that clip-art Nets logo. The stuff floating online for the Nets was so sick… there was one with an upside down net on a ball so it looked like a crown. Amazing. Clip-art no good.

  • 2cents

    Those are a great collection and agree, I’d be happy with most of these. It makes me wonder why the NBA doesn’t invite real designers to more of their branding exercises, because we all know a lot of teams could use help.

    oh and if i had to choose one, then i’m going with 19.

  • jaceking

    theyre all really good. but if theres one thing in common i like about most of these.. i think its the emphasis on the darker colors. thats just my opinion tho.

  • Lunatic Agency
  • Cory Lendon

    How did Rolin “Big Dub” Garcia’s get overlooked? It’s been all over ESPN.

  • David Pache

    Your logo is the symbol of who you are-as a business, professional, or organization.

    Logo Design Consultancy