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GIF: Jeremy Lin Throws An Actual No-Look Pass

Jeremy Lin, Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan

Jeremy Lin, Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan (Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports)

We’ve got a beef with — not just the overuse of poster dunk when the dunk in question isn’t all that impressive — the idea that a no-look pass has occurred when a player passes the ball, then looks the other way. LeBron James does this all the time, but we blame commentators for the misuse of the term more than anything a player does. Jeremy Lin, on the other hand, throws actual no-look passes that bamboozle defenders with misdirection. He did it again on Christmas Day.

Watch as Lin comes up on pair of Spurs defenders during the mini-break. He uses a wayward glance, like he’s passing to a trailing teammate for an open three-pointer, to confuse them long enough to feed Terrence Jones for the easy two-handed slam.

THAT is a no-look pass.

What do you think?

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  • Hans

    Awesome delineation of Jeremy’s no-look from LBJ’s pass and look away!

  • Kevin Wong

    It looks like Jones was looking for the alley-oop up top. Both his stride and his arms indicate he was ready for flight. The low bounce pass was probably the better move…less likely for Jones to get clobbered in mid-air and take a bad landing.

  • spencer

    Agreed, he was almost caught as off-guard as the Spurs.