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Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Want Damian Lillard To Be Scared

Russell Westbrook

There was a little game within a game yesterday during Portland’s 111-104 victory over the visiting Thunder. A small battle between Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook broke out, and Russ told Blazers coach Terry Stotts that Dame shouldn’t be scared after Wesley Matthews switched to cover Russ on defense. The back-and-forth became an empty gesture, though, when the Blazers got the big win.

First, early in the second half, Russ abused Portland’s second-year point guard in the post, knocking down a fallaway in the paint.

That’s when Stotts switched Wesley Matthews onto Russ, which led to Russ yelling something at the coach before the ensuing possession.

But Matthews forced Russ into a tough fadeaway that he missed.

Unable to let the defensive switch go, Russ passed along some advice to coach Stotts about his talented young point guard.

Russ also got a nice transition layup over Dame towards the end of the game. It kept OKC close after Portland surged to a lead towards the end of the game.

But LaMarcus Aldridge and the Blazers were too much and a late Nicolas Batum three-pointer sealed the win for the Western Conference’s top team…Rip City.

Still, Russ had his say, and it’s something to keep an eye on now that Portland has catapulted to the top of the Western Conference standings. The Blazers and Thunder will battle again this year and the stakes might be even higher. It’ll be interesting to see whether Lillard decides to defend Russ moving forward.

Do you think Dame was shook like Westbrook claimed?

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  • Onaje

    Outside of being in the lane while Russ is coming free on the break what would be scared of…his pullup J? Russ has a 3-4 inch advantage and the other wing for OKC isn’t much of a threat that is their problem…Lillard is fine with the W I’d bet

    Having said all that I love Westbrook’s attitude and attacking style…I think Isiah Thomas (The Legend) said specifically that Westbrook plays with the kind of energy all guards should aspire too…Outside of CP3, Derrick Rose in spots, and Rondo…not may All-star level PGs play with a vengence…tho Kyrie and Jrue are too young PGs that will attack their matchups (Jrue on both ends of the court and Kyrie just on offense)

  • jaceking

    i dont think dame was necessarily scared… but when u getting beasted on the post like that.. and u obviously dont have the strength to battle thru.. its just a smart coaching move.. let him get beasted and pray that he can make a stop once in a while? or put a better physically matched defender on him so that dame can concentrate his energies on keepin them ahead? easy decision to me. westbrook just playin mind games

    i think a lot of people forget how draining playing good hard defense can get (esp post defense).. thats y 2 way players r invaluable.

  • Steven Anthony

    So Damian got beasted in the post even though Westbrick took a fadeaway that barely got to the rim? Westbrook would later get called for a charge because he tried to “beast” Lillard in the post. Damian “beasted” him when he blew right past him like he was glued to the floor. Oh, and the clutch 3 shots to win the game. Westbrook is so mad right now.

  • Fiti O

    westbrook is the one who fall down he was the one who was scared Lillard just killed him hard and LMA killed the whole OKC team lol

  • Fiti O

    Lillard blocked westbrook HARD but the refs lol they called a foul Lillard is way better anyway