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Video: Blake Griffin’s Monster Putback Slam & Slick Handle

Blake Griffin, Ty Lawson

Blake Griffin, Ty Lawson (Jayne Kamin-Oncea/USA TODAY Sports)

Sometimes we forget about Blake Griffin. We’re inundated with so many wry commercial appearances, our memories of his various monster slams can lapse, and we forget he can sky like he did again Saturday night. A few minutes before his putback slam against visiting Denver, Blake even showed off a sick handle on a coast-to-coast zig-zag against Ty Lawson.

Past the midway point in the second quarter against the visiting Nuggets on Saturday night, Blake showed off a handle that’s worthy of starting NBA point guard. After Randy Foye lost the ball during a drive, Blake scooped it up and headed the other way. Ty Lawson stuck next to Blake for his jaunt to the other end, and Griffin’s adroitness handling the rock is on full display as he goes behind his back multiple times, between his legs and into a spin. He finally beats Lawson on the other end, but a foul is called before one last spin into a nice scoop for the bucket. The shot didn’t count, but the dribbling exhibition by Blake was impressive.

Still, even with the unusal prowess handling the pill, Blake hasn’t lost his explosiveness finishing above the rim. Just look at this pretty putback.

For the game, Griffin had 24 points, 16 rebounds and four dimes as LA snagged a 10-point first quarter lead they never relinquished in a 112-91 win over the visiting Nuggets.

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  • Onaje

    DIME: Please post on how cotton candy the Clippers front court is…Not the whole Black Griffin is soft nonsesnse, but basically their whole team from 2 guard through center are more than fine being abused and used on both ends of the floor. I’m a fan of the T-Wolves front line. I think Pekovic is a real problem and the kind of muscle down low than many players are uncomfortable dealing with and Kevin Love is THE best big man in the league Period, which is amazing to me…

    BUT to give up 79 and 33 to the opposing teams front line is beyond egregious…especially when Rubio (0-4), Brewer (1-5), and Berea (4-11) are on the floor not being threats.

    Routinely the Clippers guards are flying around the floor trying to save their bigs from the abuse (in tragically poor rotations and lack of communications by the way)…Crazy

    Credit the Wolves from being not just more gritty, but also way more skilled than any other front court in the league…great display last night.

    The Clippers though…I don’t see them sniffing championship unless injuries to other teams (Marc Gasol, Dwight, Bogut/Lee) happen…then need a culture shifting trade…I like the Jackson pick up, but man could they use a Reggie Evans right about now…

  • Onaje

    By the way this dribble display by Griffin was incredible…he probably needs to keep working on that J and just be a Small forward since that is the skills he develops and leans on more than post moves and boxing out to dominate the paint.

    He is a very magnetic player, but great / dominant…future Hall of Famer??? We’ll see. Kevin Love has leap frogged him 2 seasons ago and if he gets the opportunity to have one of his 30 and 20 games in the playoffs this year it will just widen the gap even more…

    Actually (just though of this)… If the Clippers and Wolves could swap Griffin and Love each team would be better for it as currently built.

    Clippers would be a real Championship contender and Wolves would be a consistent playoff team and even more fun to watch