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Video: Jazz Mascot Gets Revenge On Unruly Rockets Fan

Jazz Bear Mascot

The Utah Jazz Bear (yeah, we don’t get it, either), had some fun when Utah hosted Houston during their surprising 109-103 victory this past Monday night. The Jazz Bear, as he’s known to do, was antagonizing some Rockets fans with silly string when one of them decided to pour his beer on the Bear. Utah’s mascot stopped hibernating at that point.

First, the Rocket fan’s pour, ostensibly because the silly string had ruined his beer, or maybe because of his team’s lackadaisical showing against the Jazz, the team with the worst record in the Western Conference.

After the fan was initially escorted from his seat by the police, he later returned with his friend to whoop it up in the same section as before. That’s when the mascot struck, faking out an usher to throw a bucket of liquid on the drunk fan’s face.

Afterwards, the mascot slapped five with Jazz fans while the obnoxious Rockets fan was escorted — still screaming bloody drunken murder — out of the stadium.

The lession: even if a mascot sprays silly string in your beer, don’t pour the beer on them.

[h/t Fox13now]

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  • 2cents

    I’m a beer drinker, but can we please ban alcohol and public events? 3 cheers for the Jazz bear.

  • Michael Louro

    it was in Utah – the guy was probably on his 13th beer and just starting to get a buzz

  • Seen it


  • Rob Watson

    The guy who gets PAID to be there, completely ruined the night for the guy who PAID FOR HIMSELF to be there.. Not right. The Mascot was a dick, and shouldn’t have gone after him for revenge, obviously. Mascot should get fined, or ass kicked, either way..

  • Rob Watson

    If that was done to me, completely sober, with a drink of Coke.. I would have done the same to the stupid mascot.

  • hlee404

    Enjoyed this video from many, many perpectives….but the question remains, (considering kids, wives, $5 per 8 oz of beer) what is the right reaction when the mascot of an opposing (but home) team sprays toxic confetti in ur beer? Can you even get a refund for that? Forget refund, what about justice?