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The 5 Most Arrogant Players In The NBA

LeBron James

LeBron James (Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Sports)

In light of Richard Sherman‘s postgame explosion on Michael Crabtree after beating the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship, I decided to put together a list of the talented yet most arrogant players currently in the NBA.

Much of the media was in an uproar about Sherman’s comments, but trash talk is what makes sports great. The five players that have made my list are not only arrogant and cocky but have a track record of thinking much like Sherman: that they are the best in the league at what they do. All of these players have proved worthy of being on this list, either due to on-the-court behavior, off-the-court antics or comments that had some scratching their head.

In this day in age, arrogance is considered “swag” and these players not only have the swagger that it takes to win but the swag that causes you to tune in every night they play. Sherman has a chance to not only be the number one corner in the NFL, like he already claims he is, he has a chance to join a group similar to the one below… the cockiest players that can say and do whatever they want, whenever they want.

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There is no doubting LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet, but James also has an arrogant side. It all started three seasons ago when James created so much buzz while deciding what team to sign with as a free agent. James had his own hour SportsCenter special in which he sat down and got interviewed before telling the world he would take his talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.

James’ decision and the way he went about it caused uproar in the sports world and many saw him as a sellout, joining a team with two other superstars because he couldn’t win by himself. What really got James on this list is what he did after that moment. After Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and James all signed with the Heat, they had a party for the fans in which James said the Heat would win more than six NBA championships with the three of them together.

In their first season together, James and the Heat fell short in a series where we saw the King (which is arrogant just for calling himself that) have some of his worst performances as a professional. After the loss to the Dallas Mavericks, James made some postgame comments that will forever fog my outlook on who he is: “At the end of the day all the people who want to see me fail, they gotta wake up tomorrow and have the same life they had when they woke up today. Same personal problems they had today. I am going to continue to live and do the things I want to do and be happy with that.”

To sum it up: the fans are meaningless to James simply because his life is better than yours. Many fans lost respect for James after those comments. However, he responded by winning back-to-back titles in the last two seasons.

After a championship and gold medal, as well as an MVP, all in 12 months, James shot off on Instagram this summer. He posted videos that taunted some NBA players, making sure the world knew he was now a two-time champion. Not that I see the videos as a problem — I personally enjoyed them — but James defiantly showed the cocky side to him and I don’t blame him.

James constantly says he could be putting up better numbers if he wasn’t all about winning and getting his team involved. He said just last week he was jealous of Kevin Durant and that if he had the freedom Durant did, he would be putting up unreal numbers night in and night out.

James is probably the closet player for Sherman to relate to. James is the best in the league; Sherman the best corner in the league. Both players can talk smack and do what they want because they have earned the right to do so. James might not seem arrogant, but deep down he knows he is the best and wants to make sure the world knows it, too.

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  • Guest

    He wasn’t arrogant at all? It went out to all of those who were hating on him? That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about his fans at all, but that he doesn’t care about what his haters thinks about him. (This is meant for the LeBron James article)

  • Ying Ze Chen

    He wasn’t arrogant at all? It went out to all of those who were hating on him? That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care about his fans at all, but that he doesn’t care about what his haters thinks about him. (This is meant for the LeBron James article)

  • http://www.remixcomic.com/ Nodoubt223rd

    LeBron shouldn’t be on this list lol, neither should KG. KG is more of a bully, and your reasons for adding LeBron are reaches at best…

  • Jonah

    Actually there is plenty of doubt that LeBron is the best player on the planet. Kevin Durant as of right now is the best player on the planet.

  • Jose

    There’s a difference between confidence and arrogance.Bryant was more confident than arrogant IMO.Same with Rondo.Lebron is indefensible…guy has a GIANT chosen one tattoo,referred to himself in third person,calls himself KING james,wears t-shirts of himself in public and the whole not 1,2,3…is just icing on the cake.JR just never grew up never will.

    Now,KG is to me the classiest player of the modern era.. yeah i said it.If getting opponent s frustated,demanding more out of teammates and ONE hit is being arrogant than you are a weak minded individual.Sager thing is just all in fun, if you cant see that than I don’t know what to say.

    The Duncan thing is twisted way out of context.I am sure he meant it in a sorry for your loss way.I mean he never ever demanded a trade in MINNESOTA,never said a bad word about the organization even after the GM tried to throw him under the bus.Arrogant people dont do that and certainly dont stay in MINNESOTA without complaining.Just for doing that he shouldnt be associated with anything arrogant.

  • Kevin

    Exactly what I was thinking! I was literally about to post the same thing…

  • Fantasy Maker

    LeBaby thinks he is the NBA, the most arrogant A hole in the league- BAR NONE

  • kakapupu

    Nope. The difference is Lebron is a proven champion. Until Durant Can say that he has ways to go

  • corey

    how is LeBron 5 and Rondo 2, that makes no sense. Rando is trying to pump his team up, its confidence, and “King” james over there is changing his shoes every 10 seconds blaming them.