Dwyane Wade Tells His Critics: “I’ll See You In June”

Dwyane Wade

As part of his spot for Mission Court Grip, the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade has a response for the critics who say he’s too old and too beat-up to get it done for the Heat. He’s on a mission this year.

“Still think I’ve lost a step? I’ll see you in June,” Wade promises after going through some circuit training and a basketball workout on the hardwood with Court Grip on his kicks.

[Vid via YouTube user MissionAthleteCare]

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  • Zubaer Jalil

    Cuz you’ll be riding lebron all the way there right? You nice Dwade you nice

  • Michael Louro

    can anyone tell me why the Cavs drafted Bennett #1 overall? The dude is coming off the bench for 2 points a game – even I, or you, could do that

  • FilmJames4

    That dunk he had against the Pacers’ defence the other day was more than shocking; It was freakishly scarry.

  • Cavs

    Wanted to troll the draft just for kicks

  • Cavs

    Ooohh it’s on now! Killem Wade!!

  • Dos Equis XX

    yeah i will see you in june when lebron has to push your wheelchair

  • Rich Burgos

    Ain’t nothing wrong with Wade its just a front.
    Why should he bust his ass if he has LBJ his lapdog doing everything Miami is trying to squeeze everything out of him before he leaves
    LBJ is so naive thinking Wade has his back just win him another title then be on your way.
    LBJ is starting to break down physically but Miami will push everything out him so he won’t come back next season in a different uniform 100%. WADE is from Chicago he knows the game let someone else do the work and then take all the credit if you win a title.
    the ultimate scam job
    Wade is a snake. That’s why he always smirts when LBJ ISN’T looking.

  • Tony Soul

    Wade is no fool as you haters & critics think. He can play ball when he’s ready and I bet he will surprise everybody in June; just like he promised.


    No shit, they play in the East.

  • marzan oanes

    Its boring right now but @miamiheat needs to go thru this process, like @DwyaneWade said see you in June @nba western conference champion #heat3peat

  • El Mago

    Everyone is just focused right now on their own shit..but quite a few ones are with their nose up Wade’s ass!! Like ain’t notting else better to do..Indiana is too busy tryin’ to look for a curse against the Heat…the Bulls are just that Bullshit..and OKC is still humble enough to know that all this sacrify and top notch plays in the reg season are just that Just entertainment..at the end they are scared to death to see who is emergin’ from the storm dust…y’all know who I’m talkin’ about. Be good Christmas is almost here!!

  • dee

    You’re a dumb ass psychic

  • TheManhu01 .

    @Rich Burgos. Yea i’am sure lebron feels that way. He only has two rings and 3 finals since going to Miami. What crap are you smoking!

  • Rich Burgos

    If he’s healthy when he does play and the team is sitting him down just to save him for the playoffs.
    the league should fine the heat because fans go out there to see Wade play they fined the spurs last year for sitting down duncan parker and malo. The league should force wade to play and stop hiding behind a fake injury. If LBJ gets injured would wade make a miraculous recovery.
    Truth be told wade don’t need to do shit he has all his bitches doing it for him why kill himself if he don’t have to.