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Doris Burke Pissed Off Twitter During Her Interview With Kevin Durant

Doris Burke

Doris Burke (Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports)

We all know Kevin Durant erupted yet again against the Heat on Wednesday night, but it seems he also set off an ecclesiastical debate after Doris Burke pressed him to unveil himself of his usual diffidence in order to bask in the glow of his own dominance. Except, the only person/entity/force Durant could thank was God and/or Jesus Christ. Burke’s giggle and leading follow-up touched off a bit of a firestorm among the more evangelical Twitter users.

By way of the Oklahoman, comes word that some didn’t take too kindly to the small chuckle Burke gave when KD thanked God and Jesus Christ for his amazing performance both last night and through the first month of 2014:

Listen to Burke’s reaction to the Durant comment. Durant credits God and Jesus Christ for his historic run of play, in which Burke responds with a laugh, seemingly brushing off the notion that a higher power could be the cause for Durant’s play.

And Burke’s not done. She keeps going, replying with “you didn’t have nothing to do with it?,” trying to get Durant to at least take a little credit for laying the league to waste in the past month.

No Durant dice. He still gives props to God.

Some on Twitter responded with rapturous anger at Burke for questioning Durant further after he humbly thanked God and Jesus Christ.

Welp, our favorite A$AP Rocky tune — even though that’s not actually an A$AP Rocky tweet — is “hell” (Santigold‘s chorus is just gorgeous), which is where a lot of people on Twitter think Doris Burke is ending up. Heaven help…er…us her.

(video via ZombieProphet; Tulsa World by way of The Oklahoman)

Was it right to take Burke to task for her behavior?

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  • Jessie

    Oh yeah, she’s obviously and absurdly making a mockery of Durant and the Holy Spirit by her light chuckle. Wow. Them people need to fucking chill.

  • Ralf Ricken

    It is sometimes so strange that some.people in the US seem to have never heard of enlightment.

  • Daniel Valdivia

    That’s very unproffesional, she shouldn’t had laugh, bad..bad..bad.

  • Deborrah Cooper

    Oh please. She was right to laugh. I would have laughed right in his face! Like some invisible thing was the one practicing for hours on end, getting up at dawn, sweating, running layups and getting hurt trying to win. That was Kevin, not Jesus and not God. He was being what people like, a proper shucking and jiving negro instead of a man proud of his accomplishments and abilities and the work he put in to get where he is today. HE DID THAT, no one else.

  • Ivan Siena

    Honoring his creator for the amazing talent he has. A humble man inside and off the court. :)

  • Lawanda Jones

    she the devil

  • steve

    Wow, I will most definitely be praying for you Deborrah….it’s called God given talent. God gave KD the athletic ability to become the player he is today. Yes he has to workout and put in the hours to maintain these skills but God can take this away from him at any second. …he could easily wake up tomorrow and not have his athletic ability. He is humble and simply thanking God for the great blessing in life he has given him. Maybe if more people found God and had a faith strong like KD does for God, this world wouldn’t be so messed up! I hope you are thankful for your blessings in life also. Because know this, for anyone that thinks they are higher than God, he can bring them right back down to earth in the blink of an eye and put some humbleness in their life.

  • Kevin Couliau

    God who ? ha ! God Shammgod ! I can’t think of any other guy that has an impact on today’s game…

  • Robert

    Ricky Davis believed in God

  • jaceking

    idk.. i never liked her anyway. most annoying commentator on tv.

  • Taj Johnson

    I think she was more chuckling at the humility in KD’s responses, as opposed to the response itself. She tried a couple times to have him toot his own horn and he didn’t take the bait, so she chuckled as if to say “i give up, this guy’s too humble”.. IMO…

  • Reasonable Quest

    I’m glad god has the time to be making a supernatural intervention to assist millionaires throw a ball through a basket, because he doesn’t seem to have the time to intervene to help children suffering in Africa. Thinking god helps you score baskets is not humility, it is the ultimate in arrogance.

  • Lucid

    Humility = God helping me (KD) score points in a basketball game but concurrently fails to intervene in millions of cases of child malnutrition and abuse.

    Its all about KD. How is that humble?

  • Sugatats

    THANK YOU! How people can not see this astounds me!

  • Mike Zysman

    So basically, if you’re successful, it’s a god given talent; if you’re a child raping, ax murder… well that’s free will!

  • steve

    If you are a Child raping ax murder then there probably is something mentally/psychologically wrong with you. Maybe those people come from a broken family or there is also this guy you might have heard if called the devil, which tries to steer people away from God and good values in life. But anyway I’m not here to argue with you why some people do messed up things in life, but I do know you don’t see too many people on the news do those kind of things who have God in their heart. Well getting back to the topic at hand, if you do your research you will see Doris Burke wasn’t laughing at his comment about not giving himself credit….look more into her, she is a lesbian and that means there is a good chance she is not religious and does not have a personal relationship with God so anyone who does acknowledge God, she probably wants to make it a point to attack them. Well I’m sorry but she isn’t paid to make fun of someone’s religious view points cuz she doesn’t agree, she is paid to interview the guy and listen to his responses.

  • Sam Chapman

    When Gawd finds some extra time after helping these millionaires with their jump shots, maybe he could find some time to protect the children from rapist priests and preachers??? Yeah, that’d be nice. What a crock of shit. Christian fantasy nonsense will be the death of this country.

  • D Mock

    Exactly. And the worst part, is that no one is criticizing Durant for essentially saying that god is more concerned about his basketball skill than the thousands of people that haven’t been “blessed”.

  • D Mock

    Hypothetical. What if Durant had given credit to Durga instead Yahweh? Would there be an outcry from people because Burke laughed at that? No. Both are equally absurd.

  • Pluto Animus

    Any African-American who worships the white slave master’s god ought to have their head examined.

  • TBP100

    And those of without amazing talents should…what exactly?

  • Micah

    Are you crazy? God cares about all people. Man chooses to be sinful and that’s why the world is how it is today.

  • Micah

    You’ve got it twisted. He’s honoring God for giving him his talent. You can work as hard as you want, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to definitely be great at something. God blesses all of us with different gifts. Kevin’s just so happens to be playing basketball. He’s using his platform to give glory to God.

  • Micah

    You may need to get YOUR head examined. Back then, people had a skewed view of God’s word and some people still do today. But, the TRUE God loves us all and we are His children.

  • D Mock

    So Adam and Eve eat a piece of fruit. Because of this, sin is created. God says we live in a fallen creation. So he set up life so that we are immoral and then punishes us for the immorality of our ancestors and being immoral? Makes sense. “If I could stop I could stop a person from raping a child, I would. That’s the difference between me and your god.”

  • Cleo Thompson

    I think this is wrong. Regardless of your take on Durant’s faith and whether or not you are wired to accept the existence of a deity, it is REALLY disrespectful to implicitly or overtly challenge someone’s faith in a public manner. Durant believes what he believes and I’m fairly certain that he’s not doing it because “republicans buy sneakers too” or because he thinks it makes white people happy. I’m also quite certain that Durant is proud of his accomplishments and his athletic talent and that he enjoys the wealth that it has brought him and the earthly predilections that come with it… He just has a little different interpersonal manner than, for example, Muhammed Ali. You would have been a fool to laugh in his face, just like anyone else.