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Nick Young Upset Teammates Didn’t Stick Up For Him, Suspended One Game

Alex Len, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, Nick Young

Alex Len, Marcus Morris, Markieff Morris, Nick Young (Jennifer Stewart/USA TODAY Sports)

During Wednesday night’s high-scoring game between two rosters, the Suns and Lakers, reeling from injuries to important players, a small kerfuffle broke out after Nick Young went up for slam, but was slammed to the ground after a hard foul from Alex Len. Young shot up to his feet to push Len in the usual bravado a hard foul inspires and the push was reciprocated. But then Young appeared to punch Goran Dragic, and now he’s been suspended for a game. After the game, Young was pissed his teammates didn’t stand up for him in the moment.

Here is the foul, and the West Side Story pushing match that emerged after the foul:

And the punch/push of Dragic that got Young a one-game suspension.

After the game, Young told Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News he was pissed off his teammates didn’t get embroiled. Len’s did when the Morris twins, Markieff and Marcus respectively, jumped in the mix, pushing Young away from Len and into the path of of poor Dragic.

“What I was mad about is it was one-on-five,” said Young, who has posted nine points on 4-of-8 shooting before his ejection. “If somebody had gotten in the middle, it wouldn’t have escalated that much.”


“I wasn’t trying to punch,” Young said. “I was trying to shove out of my way. I was getting pushed further and back. It was more trying to get out. I’m very frustrated. But it’s basketball.”

Young’s right, it is basketball, not the UFC. Much as long-time fans of the game malign the lack of toughness in the modern era, we just wanna watch basketball, not a bunch of guys inexpertly slamming their hands at one another in disorganized brio.

Swaggy P is a lover not a fighter, and now he’ll get a game off without pay to think about that.

“You don’t fight in this league,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said. “It wouldn’t help us to lose two or three more guys. I hate that Nick feels that way, but I’m sure at the moment he’s just talking.”

Nick Young

Nick Young (Jennifer Stewart/USA TODAY Sports)

What do you think of the suspension?

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  • SweetdickWilly

    It doesn’t look like it was a deliberate foul but that shit was deserving of some sort of penalty at least. If I were Nick, I’d take a mental note of it and use that coupon the minute that happens to one of them.

  • Jay K Chang

    Surprised it was just a one game suspension…sure it wasn’t a ‘fight’ but he actually landed a shot at dragic’s head

  • SweetdickWilly

    I think they considered that in giving him just one game because that was a face ripping foul. Nick had to catch something for that one because Dragic didn’t hit him but I guess with all those dudes rushing him, Nick thought it was going down.

  • Malcolm Buchanan Wise

    goran took it like a beast tho

  • Malcolm Buchanan Wise

    fuck that, lakers are punks for not helping him. at least pau said he wished he’d helped. that should have been a brawl, you don’t let your teammate get knocked around by 5 guys.

  • JAY

    From where I stand Young was the punk for throwing a punch at the smallest guy he could find. He could have threw it at Len, but he’s 7ft. Then the Morris bros come around… nope too big. Dragic… that’s better. *punch*.

    The Lakers had 8 healthy bodies. The Lakers went the rest of the game with just 2 subs. It seems to me it was Young who let his teammates down, not the other way around like Young thinks. In your opinion, a couple of other guys should have stepped up and possibly been ejected as well? So they can have just 1 sub the rest of that game and possibly the next? Ridiculous.

  • jaceking

    i agree with @malcolmbuchananwise:disqus… but i dont think they shouldve necessarily fought. u wont get tossed/teched if you go in there and try to separate. the guys on the bench get a pass here cuz if they did they wouldve got techs.. but the guys on court. cmon man.

  • fatfrank

    Nick is a chump