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Rockets GM Makes Twitter All-Star Complaints & Forgets About Jeremy Lin

James Harden, Dwight Howard

James Harden, Dwight Howard (Winslow Townson/USA TODAY Sports)

After last night’s announcement of the 2014 NBA All-Star Game starters, there were obviously some disappointed players. But Rockets general manager, Daryl Morey, was perhaps the only executive to voice his displeasure about the fan-voted results on Twitter. He felt his guys Dwight Howard and James Harden, should have gotten picked, but failed to realize one of his other players got more votes.

Morey believes the fans are setting up an all-offense game where the center position has become totally irrelevant. He complained about the five-spot being “gerrymandered” out of the game as part of the Association’s decision to adopt three frontcourt players, rather than two forwards and a center — like in year’s past.

The announcement of the starters had three forwards, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant, as the starters in the Western frontcourt, with Dwight finishing fourth in the voting. The East was also without a center, as Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and LeBron James took the frontcourt nods, and Pacers center Roy Hibbert finished fourth, more than 400,000 votes behind third place finisher, Carmelo Anthony.

But Morey seemed to be calling out the voting process more than his players getting gipped out of a spot.

But then he offered up an alternative way to get one of his two stars in the starting rotation since Kobe Bryant has said he will not be participating due to injury.

The All-Star vote has always been about popularity, and the Rockets stars did well, but James Harden finished fifth in the Western backcourt voting, more than 150K votes behind teammate Jeremy Lin, and Howard finished just out of starting, placing fourth, less than 10K votes behind Kevin Love.

Harden had a simple response to the supposed snub, which Morey retweeted late last night.

But if Rockets fans had been as active on social media and voted more often, Morey’s guys would have gotten in. It would be nice if All-Star game starters were selected because they deserved it the most, but it’s not a meritocracy since fan voting plays a role and the whole process can get pretty subjective when it comes down to who makes the final spot.

And Morey himself has to be a little crazy to think that D-12 deserves a starting spot over, say, LaMarcus Aldridge. Howard is averaging 18.2 points, 12.6 rebounds and 1.8 blocks in 34.1 minutes a night for a 29-15 Houston team. Aldridge is averaging 24.7 points, 11.6 rebounds and 1.0 blocks in 36.9 minutes a night for the 32-11 Blazers. Just look at their season comparison.

If Morey were serious about the most deserving players getting selected, he wouldn’t have proposed Durtantula switch to shooting guard, so Dwight could get in. If Morey were really smart, he wouldn’t have selected Harden to replace Kobe at shooting guard. Harden finished fifth in Western backcourt voting, and Jeremy Lin finished fourth. Since Chris Paul finished third, and is still recovering from a separated shoulder, then Lin should get the starting nod in place of Kobe, not Harden. Obviously Lin isn’t the player Harden is, regardless of his sometimes somnambulant defense this year. But Morey lacked tact with his tweets.

Morey’s tweets were kind of a slap in the face to Jeremy Lin even if it was unintended. If Morey’s trying to unload Lin before the poison-pill third year of his contract kicks in next season, maybe he should have pushed Lin for an All-Star nod instead of Harden. It sounds better to say, “All-Star starter, Jeremy Lin” during trade negotiations.

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What do you think of Morey’s gripes?

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  • mma_ko

    We’ll obviously MIT morey doesn’t know his numbers. Maybe if had attended Harvard …

  • Dan Cohen

    Ouch.. but then MIT is an engineering school.. so they ARE better at numbers than harvard grads who are business minded.


    Not surprised. HOU never was nice to Lin at all. smh! I do wish they can trade Lin asap.

  • WorldPeace

    Obviously Lin has been thrown under the bus since Harden and Howard came. Come to think about it, Asik is really smart demanding a trade. I hate franchise that trade and buy their ways to Championship instead of grow their own solid players….things have changed, those loyal home grown type of players like Reggie Miller are extincted.

  • Hope

    He knows he has 6 on one cheek and 9 on the other. He doesn’t know how to flip them.

  • squatty

    one word: spurs

  • mma_ko

    Not in this case. Hey Morey, 600K>500K.

  • Iamtotallyshameless

    Morey is over-rated. Even he really regrets Lin’s contract and/or doesn’t like Lin, a smart manager should do everything to maximize Lin’s trade value so some other teams will be more happy to swallow Lin’s last year poison pill salary. Selling Lin as a 6th man, comfortable with a 3pt catch and shoot offense that doesn’t use Lin’s strength, not providing any support to Lin going in the ASG…… he’s doing the exact opposite to marginalize his asset’s value. What a MIT genius!

  • stmasterpieces

    MIT vs Harvard? Or ???? Vs Lin?

  • stmasterpieces

    Harden is a joke of all-star.

  • clivekuei

    So fake!

  • Kenny D

    harden is an all star flopper.

  • Tim Yeung

    The Rockets organization should be ashamed of how they treat Lin. McHale still has Lin on a tight leash, which hurts his confidence and development as a player. Meanwhile, Bev (who is the weaker PG) just scored 1/11 fgm and 1/8 3pm for 3 points the entire game against the Grizzlies, and McHale keeps him on the floor for 34 min, letting him play through his mistakes. I hope Lin gets traded to a team that will let him handle the ball as THE PG.

  • SweetdickWilly

    Asik has a legit gripe. He’s proven to be starting caliber player but since Houston’s offense won’t adapt to the fact he & Dwight basically play close to the basket, somebody will have to go.

  • Nelson Ocampo

    Rockets is suck racism..Lin was mistreated by rocket..better trade to lakers..

  • Brewkowski

    Made me look up the Word of the Day:
    1 : walking or having the habit of walking while asleep
    2 : resembling or having the characteristics of a sleepwalker : sluggish
    First use: 1866

  • JJ

    I don’t know about ashamed, but as the mob supposedly say, it’s just bad business. On what other team do you see a player of PB’s offensive caliber (or lack of it) be allowed to brick up shots and 3’s like that? None! I can only come up with one explanation: to show Lin his “place.” I mean, what is this, weekend warriors who play with the people they “like,” or the NBA?

  • eddie1234

    Evidently, the fan base does not give a darn about what McFail and Morey’s asseement on Lin. The voting speaks for itself. They may have saying within the rocket team, but in a bigger picture, the fan still rules.

  • eddie1234

    I would strongly disagree with you that Morey is a businessman.

  • eddie1234

    Lets be fair, Harden does not deserve to be an all-star under coach McFail. If he were under a different coach, who successfully utilizes his strength and reduces his ball-hog weakness, he would be a viable candidate. As the moment, he should not be an all-star.

  • eddie1234

    I would not consider the Rocket has suck racism. Because if they do, they would not have paid Lin $25M to come play for them. I would say that Morey and McFail have unique opinion on how to revolve everything around gunner Harden to the team detriment,

  • setrue

    LMAO Morey complaining about “offfense only” for all star selections, doesn’t he know he is describing Harden to a tee. It’s is very clear, he & McFail never wanted Lin and are trying their best to marginalize him to show owner they were right when they cut him before Linsanity exploded.

  • westseadoc

    Morey was soooo pleased with his out maneuvering NY for Lin by setting up a heavily backloaded contract that assured most teams having to pay a large luxury tax if they were to compete. Now that he is “foist on his own petard” he is regretful at having to pay Lin so much money in his final year. Lin’s overall price isn’t that out of line, esp given his marketability outside of Houston though he is probably not worth $15 M next year (if the year was looked upon as a stand alone salary). Harden is well over rated and Morey is reluctant to see that as it would be yet another referendum on his ability in his role.Even in the Rox last victory Harden and Beverly’s shooting stats were miserable and were such JLin’s, his ass would smell like Pinesol.The reason the Rox are in a bit of a box is simply because they out smarted themselves in setting up the contracts for Lin and Asik. Both are likely to do well elsewhere and McHale has yet to demonstrate that he can coach above the talent he has been given. In fact, it has yet to be shown that he can even coach up to his player’s talent!!!

  • westseadoc

    Owners have a way of forgetting that the game is still supported by its fans. The arrogance of front offices and coaching staff insomuch as they ignore fans, is sstupifying, but supported by the owner’s club largely out of outsized egos.

  • westseadoc

    Yet, the announcers of the Rox’s games talk of Beverly as an annointed one without whom the team would disintegrate into ashes! I just don’t see it that way and am confused as to why they keep pushing this angle .. (owned by mgmt???)?

  • westseadoc

    Asik, Lin to Celtics for Rondo and 1st round draft should be a no brainer for the Rox (who have no brains). Lin would be better off and Rondo would put a real damper on Harden’s love of iso ball.

  • westseadoc

    When Harden drops back on defense, the “Toreador March” from Carmen ought to blast from the speakers!!!

  • westseadoc

    Harden’s shooting stats are not impressive if you discount free throws.

  • westseadoc

    No .. if money alone were in play, then the Rox would be utilizing Lin more and also promoting him more as well as doing promos, etc. They are choosing to deliberately ignore his fan base in order to keep Harden happier. Harden is a good (not great) player who IS better, right now, the Lin but not by as much a margin as many presume and Harden is FAR LESS MARKETABLE than is Lin .. from many angles from simple “likable factor” to being so articulate. He has far more charisma and leadership capacity than does Harden, no matter how the two of them are playing over a given few days. Lin is not playing great but his IS playing GOOD ENOUGH for promotional value to untapped or poorly tapped markets.

  • Azalea Moua

    How about Jeremy make the All-Star popularity team. DHoward make the all-star free throw team and James makes the all-star flop team. Don’t forget Kevin McHale making the all-star ‘got no play’ iso-time team.

  • Juvan Baldeo

    Hope lin will be traded to othewrs teams and give his best shot when it happen sometimes jeremy you had to think about your loyal fans and we believe that you will prove them wrong and improve your play more than LINSANITY and god on your side!

  • Juvan Baldeo

    Just trade lin ASAP we believe in you jeremy just give your best shot focus more than LINSANITY sometime you had to thiink that many of your fans hoping you will be back and god is always on your side!

  • Andy Gonzalez

    PB is a better defensive player than Lin. It’s not even close. As for scoring, they are both streaky players.

    Lin can’t guard a light pole. That’s why he rides the bench when the Rockets play teams with dynamic point guards like Memphis.

  • Andy Gonzalez

    All the Morey hate on her is amusing. He is one of the best GMs in the NBA. When you consider that we are back in contention without ever getting a top 5 pick or struggling through a few losing seasons, what Morey has done is amazing.

    Get a clue, people.

  • Tim Yeung

    I suggest that you keep track of how many points opposing PGs have scored against Lin vs. Bev (ie. Parker, Conley, etc). When Bev was injured, Lin was able to keep the opposing PGs at 32% shooting.

  • Stephen Mitchell

    none of them deserve to even be all-stars off the bench

  • Juvan Baldeo

    Just trade lin to any other team specially underdog team lin is very good of that situation he can make a good chemestry and passion to the teams he can make them better i hope he can bring his number jersey no. 17 because the meaning 1 is GOD and the 7 is LIN!

  • John Ten

    JL way better than PB in offensive distribution, scoring firepower.

    JL is only slightly weaker than PB in defense, none of this exaggerated non-academic attempt you’re suggesting.

    Your post totally lack any respect as far as reality is concerned.