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Terrence Ross Gives Game Ball To Mom After 50-Point Explosion

Terrence Ross

Terrence Ross ( John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY Sports)

Terrence Ross was averaging under 10 PPG in his sophomore season with the Raptors entering Saturday night’s game against the visiting Clippers. That’s what makes his 51-point explosion so crazy. Nobody could have predicted he’d be the next NBA player to crack the 50-point plateau so soon after Melo‘s big night. But Ross commemorated his career night by giving a special present to his mom.

In a shade under 44 minutes, Ross was 16-for-27 from the field, including 10-of-17 from beyond the three-point line. He also knocked down 9-of-10 free throws for a doozy of a game, finishing with a career-high 51 points. Unfortunately, his teammates couldn’t match his blistering shooting from the field and this pair of highlight-reel slams:

The Clippers still got the win behind the Jamal Crawford and Blake Griffin tandem.

Despite the loss, T-Ross had to be have been happy with his performance. According to the good people at r/NBA, Ross even presented his mom with the game ball after his big night.

Terrence Ross &, Mom

Terrence Ross &, Mom (photo. reddit username: thatdudecalledzz)

A lot of guys have dropped 50 in the NBA, but not many of them made such a dramatic jump in production on a single night, and we doubt any of them hooked up their mom with the game ball afterwards. Kudos to Ross.

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  • 2cents

    As you as you mentioned it was a surprise, Tony Delk’s game came to mind. But honestly, the kid is a scorer and has had to sit behind so many ball hogs, so it’s to see him “break out”. The question for next year is do you keep DD or TR?

  • spencer

    The Delk comparison is a good one, but Ross has a bigger ceiling I think; he’s more explosive than Delk was coming out of Kentucky and the shooting is still there. I like the progress DeRozan has shown, but your either/or depends on whether Lowry is getting traded before the deadline. I’ll have something up about that tomorrow, hopefully.

  • Jose

    Doesn’t really matter who they keep.Small market teams are just destined to be the punching bags of the league unless they get better through the draft.No big time player is coming to Toronto.

  • JAY

    Toronto is the 4th largest city in NA and the average disposal income of Greater Toronto residents is above average. If that’s “small market” then at least a third of the NBA is miniscule market.

  • Lawanda Jones

    i wish Lawanda could eat poutinue all day long