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Video: Blake Griffin Rejected By The Rim

Khris Middleton, Blake Griffin

Khris Middleton, Blake Griffin (Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports)

We’ve seen it so many times. Usually it’s Chris Paul that throws that pocket pass on the bounce to a rolling Blake Griffin, but tonight it was again Jamal Crawford as CP3 recovers from the separated shoulder. Griffin has put more than a few guys on a poster after receiving that roll pass. Except, in the first quarter against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night, Blake finally got rejected…by the rim.

Don’t believe us, check it.

Now, obviously, this is way outside the norm. Blake came back in the very next quarter to get the steal and the flush, and dunked a couple more times in the second half. But it’s worth noting even Blake Griffin comes up short on a dunk and falls on his ass.

Despite the rim’s rejection, the Clippers cruised over the Bucks in Milwaukee, 114-86, and Blake scored 20 in just 28 minutes.

What do you think?

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    Especially when you post the video as well.

  • spencer

    There can never be enough angles of Blake getting rejected by the rim. It’s like only recording a brief snapshot of a unicorn when you have the chance to capture it from every different angle.

  • Brock Fournier

    I watched the game. It was very obvious that the ball slipped from his grip. Relax, no drama here.