Charles Smith, Dennis Rodman
  • Krzysiek Barcisz

    Charles Smith really said it all, and still this journalist keep asking same questions, only changing its form… They are not there for politics. Imagine a korean person, miserable most of his life, seeing that game may give him best memory of his life… Journalism way below CNN level

  • SweetdickWilly

    If that were somebody in Dennis’ family or a friend being held captive for what’s likely no sane or legal reason, we’d be hearing the live long day from him about it. It’s a fair question to ask Dennis about since he may have the psycho’s ear. Barring the possibility that he’s putting on an act to really sell that there’s no agenda to ask for that man’s freedom, I can’t get behind Dennis at all. The stance that politics has no place in sports is fine if that’s your camp but what about humanity? If it were you and or yours, empathy tends to find a place in peoples’ vocabulary.