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Video: Jeremy Lin’s Over-The-Shoulder Lob To Dwight Howard In Win Over Wiz

Jeremy Lin, John Wall

Jeremy Lin, John Wall (Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports)

Even with a rain-delayed stoppage Houston coach Kevin McHale called, “crazy,” the Rockets defeated the Wizards, 114-107, in a Verizon Center arena with a leaky roof. The Wizard’s defense was just as leaky during a gorgeous Jeremy Lin lob for a ferocious Dwight Howard dunk.

Lin uses Howard’s screen at the top of the key, and then crosses over, drawing all the help defense with him. That’s when he spots Howard rolling to the hoop over his left shoulder and throws a perfect lob for the slam.

Lin had 18 points and eight assists, but also sported a team-best +18 while he was on the floor, in the win.

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  • Tim Nguyen

    The lob play was a thing of beauty…Lin will never be around more talent then he has now….a prime Howard, a prime Harden….geez louise

  • Rikki M

    More talent -> more ego

  • Spot

    well said rikki. ego is far bigger than talent

  • westseadoc

    Odd that the Rox announcers literally had an orgasm over Beverly’s plus/minus of 26 and 12 recently, yet JLin’s =/- of 18 is largely overlooked.

  • westseadoc

    Unless Rikki meant what you stated, his equation means that the talent is greater than the ego.