Isiah Thomas
  • SweetdickWilly

    I’d say John was the better player. Numbers aside, he was a better defender than Isiah and he was still playing at least an All-Star reserve level when he retired, after having microfracture surgery and against other HOFers such as Gary Payton to guys who’re on their way, like Jason Kidd and against guys who were very good/talented such as Stephon Marbury. His scoring was actually shackled by Jerry Sloan and since Sloan was so hard assed, Utah couldn’t get talent there to help them past everybody else. What talent they had there besides Stockton & Malone, Sloan usually burned bridges with them and those players bounced for better situations.That ultimately hurt them during the Finals years against the Bulls. Even DeShawn Stevenson won outside of Utah.

    When it came to Isiah not making the Dream Team because of Jordan, I’d say that’s karma coming due. He basically had both teams in the 86 All Star Game get in on the type of bitchmove that you see out of old and or sorryassed players at the park, Y, or any spot when they resent being outshined by a teammate when it came to freezing out Jordan. It’s even more pussy when you remember that the ASG is meaningless anyway.

  • Jose

    Well said.Stockton was just consistency personified.At their absolute prime Isiah was a better player but seems he has a habit of messing up and disappearing everywhere.
    Stockton outlasted and outplayed just about every great PG of his time.

  • mo

    Using MJ’s method of choosing Kobe over Lebaron as the better player, I’ll go with Isiah. Two rings are better than none.

  • theWolfmanFan

    With that logic, Steve Kerr also was better than Zeke. Its such a tough debate because Zeke has 2 rings and a Finals MVP. But John made 5 All Defensive NBA teams to Zekes 0 and Stock made 11 all NBA teams to Zekes 5. Stock made it in 3 all time top 25 categories in steals (leader), assists (leader) and games played while Zeke made the list twice with being in 7th in all time assists and 14th in steals. A lot of people want to give Zeke the nod cause of the rings but that Pistons team was 10 deep. and a strong 10 deep. Stockton had Adam Keefe starting when he went to the Finals.
    Stockton was better. Barely.