Nene, Kevin Durant, Trevor Booker
  • Karnov

    He doesn’t carry over more than your average NBA PG. It’s just a bit more pronounced since he’s so tall and lanky. I don’t think refs are use to seeing a 6’10/6’11 lanky guy have handles like that

  • diablofreak

    let’s complain about dwayne wade’s 7 step walk before calling this a carry

  • SweetdickWilly

    This is the typical claim that you hear when somebody catches feelings when they’re up against somebody who has skill to go along with size. It usually comes from sub six footers, ball hogs, limited players, and the straight up garbage level players. Kevin has an inch or two over Magic and he’ll never the ballhandler Magic was. Carrying happening if your palm is directly under the ball and KD’s palm didn’t even leave the side of the ball. He’s more at risk of cuffing the ball at his size and Kevin doesn’t do that either.

  • Jose

    Not to mention the actors studio level of flopping.Just cant stand that crap.

  • Not1Not2Not3

    KD is cold AF but that’s definitely a carry…