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Report: Cavs Fire GM Chris Grant

Anthony Bennett, Chris Grant

Anthony Bennett, Chris Grant (David Richard/USA TODAY Sports)

Perhaps it was this past June’s draft where the Cavaliers surprised many by selecting Anthony Bennett with the No. 1 overall pick. Maybe it’s the whispers Kyrie Irving will walk when his rookie deal ends in the summer of 2015. Perhaps it was the Andrew Bynum signing this summer that fell apart, or the Luol Deng trade that came as a result. There are a lot of reasons to choose from, which is why it’s not a big surprise the Cavs fired general manager Chris Grant today.

League sources informed Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski of the decision after a humiliating Cavs loss to a Lakers team that almost had to go 4-on-5 after injuries depleted their bench to empty space.

Per Wojo:

After a humiliating loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert has fired general manager Chris Grant, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Gilbert informed Grant of his dismissal late Thursday morning, sources said.

Gilbert had grown increasingly frustrated with the losing and dysfunction within the Cavaliers, and the loss to the Lakers – who finished the game with four eligible players – was the breaking point.

The Cavs have lost their last six, including last night’s debacle against the short-handed Lakers. They’re 16-33 on the season and appear destined for a return trip to the lottery this summer (something we presciently predicted back in September).

Now Cleveland is short a GM exactly two weeks before the February 20th trade deadline. But all the in-fighting and bickering associated with this year’s Cavs team will be someone else’s headache now (probably Mike Brown‘s), so at least Chris Grant has that going for him.

Grant replaced GM Danny Ferry — currently doing pretty good in that role with the Hawks — in the summer of 2010 after LeBron James brought his talents to… you know the rest.


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  • 2cents

    Looks like owner Gilbert is doing a nice job becoming the new Dolan of the league…

  • Austin Burton

    And LeBron was the bad guy for wanting to bail on this organization?

  • Jose

    Lebron was the bad guy for pretending he may stay with the Cavs when in fact he had allready decided long ago. Had to see this coming after the disaster against the Lakers.
    Also welcome back.

  • SweetdickWilly

    You beat me to it. LeBron had them fire off people who he had beef with and left the Cavs with blueballs. They catered to him from Day 1. They’re doing the same to Kyrie and he’s not as good as LeBron and he’s fucking around (to an extent) to boot.

  • Austin Burton

    I really don’t think LeBron 100% made up his mind that he was leaving until he actually made “The Decision” in 2010. Even if he and Wade and Bosh really did talk about teaming up as early as 2008, LeBron wouldn’t have even entertained the other offers (Knicks, Nets, Clippers, Bulls, etc.) if he knew for sure he was going to Miami. Even if he was leaning toward Miami the whole time, I honestly think he did at least take those last few days to really weigh his options — Cleveland being one of them. Of course the Cavs catered to him; every team caters to their star, and every team that wanted LeBron catered to him that summer. Every team that had a shot at LeBron did what they thought they had to do to get him, whether it was clear up cap space, add/subtract certain guys to the roster, or in the case of the Cavs, fire people they thought LeBron wouldn’t want around. It’s not his job to go around telling every team, “No, don’t do that. Wait until I make up my mind.”