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Roy Hibbert Defends Anthony Bennett On Twitter

Anthony Bennett

Anthony Bennett (photo. @Hota2aPacer)

The Cavs are in disarray, especially in the wake of the New York Daily News piece published this weekend, which detailed how new Cavalier Luol Deng is unhappy with the organization. But it’s their No. 1 pick in this past June’s draft, Anthony Bennett, that’s inspired the most mockery and enmity from fans. He’s been a huge disappointment so far in his rookie season, but Pacers big man Roy Hibbert came to the defense of Bennett after an unflattering photoshop started making the rounds on Twitter.

Bennett is the No. 1 pick, so many expected him to be on the court right away helping Kyrie Irving and Co. lead the Cavaliers back to the playoffs for the first time since LeBron James called an ill-fated press conference. That has not happened at all. Through 35 games this season, Bennett is averaging 2.8 points and 2.5 rebounds in 11.2 minutes per game while shooting a dreadful 27.5 percent from the floor and 17.6 percent on three-pointers. His PER is 2. Just 2. The NBA average for PER every season is 15.

But when the Pelicans came to town last week, Bennett scored a season-high 15 points on 5-of-10 shooting and 2-of-3 from deep. It was the first time he cracked double-figures all season. Throw in eight rebounds and it was the best game of his short career, so many wondered if the floodgates had finally opened on the talent that led the Cavs to select Bennett No. 1 overall out of UNLV in June. Nope, he’s scored just six points combined in the next two games.

The Internet, being the cold-blooded entity we all know and love, decided to make a little photoshop of Bennett. They placed his head on top of the famous photo taken of Wilt Chamberlain after he scored 100 points in 1962. Here’s the original photo of Chamberlain we’re talking about:

Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain picture (Howard Smith/USA TODAY Sports)

Now here’s Hibbert retweeting the photoshopped edition while asking fans to cut Anthony Bennett a little slack during his so-far abysmal rookie campaign.

(h/t: All Ball Blog)

Is the criticism of Anthony Bennett unfair?

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  • BIG ED

    Anthony criticism is fair he has not lived up to number 1 pick so far.

  • palaceprince22

    It’s fair but it’s short sited and narrow minded. Big men take time to develop. It’s not encouraging that he’s struggled this bad but I think the best course of action is to give him time to develop before passing judgement

  • Not1Not2Not3

    Anthony Bennett deserves this and more. He is GARBAGE!!!! Send that lame to the D-League!

  • Lewis J W Sim

    You fucking idiot, he couldn’t help being taken that high. Bennett was a top 20 pick at best

  • Lewis J W Sim

    Stop being a filthy ass stinking nigger bitch

  • SweetdickWilly

    Bennett deserves a pass. The Cavs have problems starting from Kyrie Irving and up to the front office. Kyrie is morphing into Brandon Jennings 2.0 and caused the Luol Deng deal. There’s been rumblings from within the organization that we’ve been hearing about him pissing off teammates about having glue on his hands for more than just awhile. That’s why there’s going to be more deals soon. Trading Andrew Bynum wasn’t the brightest move, especially since it looked like he was coming back around before sitting him. Bennett, or any player for that matter, can’t help you if they’re not playing. The Cavs were questioned from Day 1 for drafting him because what it seemed like the system they had wasn’t going to work for him. He’s getting Darko treatment, only the Cavs aren’t in the title hunt.

  • http://30homegames.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page.html 30HomeGames

    Its interesting how the Cavs biggest problem is the consensus that’s staring to grow about their other #1 Kyrie.
    As long as Bennett keeps his head up and rounds into shape. He’ll find his niche in the league, with a change of scenery or otherwise.
    Also its not like its been a particularly impressive draft class anyway. Not epic gamechangers the Cavs missed out on.

  • Jose

    Nobody deserves this type of early hate especially considering that it was a weak draft pool without a consensus no 1 pick.Just look at Favors he’s just starting to fulfill some of the expectation.