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Video: James Johnson Self Alley-Oop Off The Glass

James Johnson, Matt Barnes

James Johnson, Matt Barnes (Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports)

We saw Draymond Green inadvertently do this for himself two nights ago with the Rockets at Oracle, and Larry Bird used to do it all the time when he ran into traffic in the lane. That’s forgetting to mention T-Mac‘s iteration on the break during the 2002 All-Star game. But Grizzlies athletic forward James Johnson might be the first one we’ve seen do it in a regular season game in the half-court that finished with a flush. Against the Clippers Friday night, Johnson knowingly tossed himself an alley-oop off the backboard for the two-handed smash.

Watch as Johnson gets cut off by DeAndre Jordan during a dribble-drive into the lane, but after picking up his dribble and giving a pump fake, it dawns on Johnson what’s still available. He quickly lobs the ball to himself off the glass and finishes with the jam before DJ even knew what was happening.

Who else has done this in a regular season game?

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  • Chicagorilla

    Umm Kobe used to do this shit like every other game when he was at his Ballhogging peak. He did it so much he has a compilation video of them.


  • Onaje

    Been waiting for him to be relevant in the L…he has the tools to be a great role player…he has been doing well in Memphis

  • 2cents

    Being a Raptors fan, I thought he was going to be our solution at SF when they had him. Good to see the kid is blowing up now. Memphis needs him