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Watch Manu Ginobili’s Foot Burst Through His Sneaker

Manu Ginobili Shoe

We’ve never seen this before. The amount of torque needed to actually burst a sneaker’s upper as you’re sliding on defense is unfathomable. Manu Ginobili turns 37 this July, but you know Pop isn’t going to play him unless he’s busting his butt on defense. Exhibit A would probably be Manu’s sneaker self-destructing during the middle of San Antonio’s 120-110 win over Detroit on Wednesday night.

Manu was sliding to his left to prevent a Rodney Stuckey drive when the white sock sole of his foot bursts through the left side of his sneaker. Watch as Manu continues to fight with a frictionless left sock slipping on the court while wearing his sneaker as an ankle bracelet.

Have you ever seen this before?

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  • David Hall

    not a great look for Nike….

  • north

    especially after the sole of LeBron’s shoe was left on the court earlier this year when he wore 11’s.

  • Dave

    When playing with basketball, always make sure that you are wearing high quality shoes to prevent this kind if incident to happen.