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Chris Kaman Hasn’t Spoken With Mike D’Antoni In Three Weeks

Chris Kaman, Amar'e Stoudemire

Chris Kaman, Amar’e Stoudemire (Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports)

We’ve written extensively about the gloomy Lakers season, and most of the quotes out of Laker land are tinged with anger, embarrassment, backstabbing, Swaggy P bluster, and the type of excuses typical of franchises stuck in the basement of their respective division. But these are the Lakers, not a team used to losing regardless of injuries. A lot of people are blaming the coach, and now comes word center Chris Kaman hasn’t spoken to head coach Mike D’Antoni in three weeks.

Via Dave McMenamin of ESPN LA:

“It’s been a tough year for everybody,” Kaman said before the game. “It’s been frustrating for everybody, including the management, down to the players to the guys who are doing the laundry. It’s not been easy for anybody.”

While the 11-year veteran tried to bite his tongue, saying “it doesn’t get anybody anywhere” to complain to the media, he couldn’t help but reveal that he hasn’t spoken to Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni in three weeks.

In that time, he collected 10 straight DNPs and played a grand total of four minutes in 12 games.

Does the former All-Star regret his decision to sign with the Lakers last summer?

“My bad on my part not doing due diligence enough to look into a situation better and style of play and that kind of thing,” Kaman said.

Kaman largely held his tongue about his current coach, unlike a few more popular Lakers, but the 31-year-old’s style of play just doesn’t mesh with the wide-open D’Antoni system. Still, Kaman’s averaging close to career highs in per-36 minute production this season, while averaging a career-low 18.2 minutes per game. Yet another minus Lakers fans can add to the “Fire D’Antoni” tally they keep in their Trapper Keepers.*

But Kaman has no one to blame but himself, and he acknowledges that fact when speaking with McMenamin. While it’s remarkable Kaman’s been able to participate with the team over three weeks without uttering a single word to D’Antoni, go read the last few chapters of Jeff Pearlman’s excellent book, Showtime (which we just finished and highly recommend), when the late-80s Lakers tuned out an increasingly overbearing Pat Riley.

*We’re guessing, but probably not.


Will Kaman stick around if D’Antoni gets let go?

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  • north

    So instead of trying to he goes to the media? Dude’s been whining all year. I get that it’s not what he expected but he signed the contract, no one to blame but him. He even says that… No D’Antoni hasn’t used him like he’s been used before but he’s not the player he was before. Can we start calling this guy Chris Cryman or does it need a K?

  • ratchetrandy

    You are wrong to blame Kaman here. D’Antoni decided not to play Kaman for no reason. He was starting SACRE over Kaman, simply because he wanted to force his style onto the Lakers instead of embrace the players he has. He wasted a year of Kaman, who can still play at a very high level. Put the blame squarely on D’Antoni’s shoulders.

  • north

    You know this is Chris Kaman on the 2014 Lakers right, not 2010 Clippers. I’m right to blame a guy who decided heading to the media before the coach was a good idea. When Magic Johnson is defending D’Antoni after his players attack I assume he knows more about basketball than any average joe (that’s both of us).

  • ratchetrandy

    What makes you think he went to the media FIRST instead of talking to the coach? When has Kaman ever done that? You are finding out much later that they havent talked. THINK about that.

    Additionally, you DO know that when Pau Gasol complained to the media about D’Antoni that D’Antoni then went right to the media and complained to them about how Gasol should not be complaining to the media.
    D’Antoni has ALWAYS BEEN THE PROBLEM, from day 1. No players like him he has never won anything, and he will never win anything. He is stubborn and doesnt use his players correctly.

    And LOL@ you using Magic Johnson as your defense. That is when you know you lost an argument. You are just as stubborn as D’Antoni.

  • SweetdickWilly

    D’Antoni does have a history of rifts like this. He did the same thing in New York with Marbury. His system showed that it wasn’t going to work there last season. Blaming Dwight, Pay, and now Chris is just denial of the fact that the Lakers fucked up by not getting Phil back when he was available and willing to work around his health.

  • north

    Says the guy who’s using one of the biggest whiners in Gasol to defend his point about D’Antoni. Just admit that Kaman is done as anything but a two bit role player now and the rest of the is moot. He’s not mobile, he’s lazy and he’s always injured. He’d be getting spotty PT on any team. Your solid argument is “It’s always D’Antoni’s fault”? That’s what you’ve got? Go to war with your one bullet and it’s not even for the gun you’re supposed to carry.

  • ratchetrandy

    I am starting to believe that you are actually D’Antoni. No one else would defend that idiot but D’Antoni himself.

  • SoulChorea

    Yo, this D’Antoni thing bothers me more and more as time goes on. The only people who think D’Antoni is a good coach are the people who haven’t watched basketball since ’07. That includes Jim Buss. Dude has had a problem with 1.) winning games, and 2.) giving his good players enough time on the floor ever since then, yet keeps getting jobs while actual good coaches like the Van Gundys and the like get passed over

  • SoulChorea

    I tried not to mention it, but he got selected over Phil Jackson. Nothing that happened after that moment could ever make any sense

  • north

    Really? Kobe has defended him. Nash has defended him. Zach Buckley, Kenny Smith, Ramona Shelburne. All idiots I guess. Do your research before you post. I’m done with your ignorance.

  • ratchetrandy

    Whatever you say, D’Antoni. I know its you Mr Pringles!