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Kevin Love Says “F*** Him” In Response To Tyson Chandler’s Criticism Of His D

Tyson Chandler, Kevin Love

Tyson Chandler, Kevin Love (Rob Schumacher/USA TODAY Sports)

On Wednesday this week, the Knicks finally snapped a seven-game losing streak when they went into Minnesota and beat the ‘Wolves, 118-106. But at halftime of that game, Tyson Chandler informed a reporter Kevin LoveCan’t play D.” While many of our readers agreed with the sentiment, Love had some pretty harsh words when asked about it today.

Here’s what Love said, by way of Fox Sports North’s Phil Ervin:

But before you freak out about the roiling beef escalating between the former Olympic teammates, Ervin had this to add:

So, yeah, we’re pretty sure Love was just messing around when he cursed Chandler out. Or, maybe, he really did take it personally.

We looked at Love’s defense a couple weeks ago when we were trying to figure out if he needed new teammates more than Carmelo Anthony. He is not the defensive rim presence that Chandler is, that’s for sure. Chandler was the NBA’s 2012 DPOY primarily because of his ability to protect the iron, but that’s not all a big man must do on defense. As a whole, as we showed, the ‘Wolves get scored on less when Love is on the court and Love’s ability to rebound on the defensive end is a big part of any successes the ‘Wolves have encountered this year on the court.

Without a more reliable individual defensive metric, you have to go to the eye test, too, which Love can sometimes fail. But Kevin gives a crap on the defensive end, and that’s 75 percent of the battle for offensive-intensive players at the NBA level.

But, again, Tyson and Kevin are buddies, so this little back-and-forth is them just messing with each other and, as a result, us.

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  • 2cents

    Oh more of this sort of banter please. How can you not love Love?

  • diablofreak

    headline: “2 men are fighting”
    article: “they’re friends, maybe it’s in jest”
    also: “make something out of nothing”

  • Onaje

    Also a major part of defense is ending the opposing offense’s possession and changing ends…this all takes place when you secure the rebound…he is one of the best at that when his team isn’t relying on him to shoot them back into the games…I’d take his physicality and rebounding over Tyson Chandlers career of much of nothing with the exception of maybe 2-3 seasons of being a difference maker…oh yeah Tyson was a top 2 pick…a 7+ footer who has only averaged double figures in points and or rebounds 4 times in his career. Never averaged 2+ blocks in a season…playoff numbers are worst…

    So come on…Tyson is really a guy that underachieved for years had two fortunate seasons and now is speaking like he is the sage of defense…

    Let’s talk about what Chandler can’t do and the list will be much longer then Love’s.