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Watch Tony Wroten’s Sole Fall Right Off His Sneaker

Tony Wroten, Evan Turner

What the hell is going on with people’s sneakers? Are certain guys just creating so much torque with their cuts around the court, their kicks can’t keep up? This can’t be the case — old school guys used to play in Converse flimsier than house slippers. Yet Philly guard Tony Wroten is the third guy to have his footwear fall apart this season, as the Sixers got beat by the visiting Pacers Friday night. He lost his sole, but that’s not some Faustian metaphor; he literally lost his sole…the sole of his sneaker.

Previously, Manu Ginobili pivoted right through the upper of his sneaker, and Andrew Bogut saw his own sole partially tear from the body of the sneaker earlier this month.

We don’t want to call out any sneaker companies because these incidents all have their own backstory, so why pile on some bad PR without having the full set of facts, but this is getting a little ridiculous. We can’t remember seeing this happen so frequently at all in previous seasons.

What’s up with everyone’s sneakers?

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  • 2cents

    Well considering this is happening to the pros, I wonder if anyone else who bought these line of shoes will be entitled to replacements for free if theirs fall apart too…