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Watch Timofey Mozgov “Mozgov” Josh Smith

Timofey Mozgov, Josh Smith

There was a time before Blake Griffin unleashed a dunk on him that, “threw down their spears, / And watered heaven with their tears,*” when Timofey Mozgov was simply a doofy Russian 7-footer playing center in the NBA. But since that fateful day, he’s become synonymous with poster jams (Brandon Knight knows his pain). Last night, with Detroit visiting Denver, Mozgov turned the tables and let Josh Smith know the verb of his last name works both ways.

*William Blake, The Tyger

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  • SoulChorea

    ……to “Mozgov” someone doesn’t mean to “posterize” them. It’s the specific dunk where someone (usually Blake) goes up and throws the ball into the hoop without touching the rim. For example, when he did it to Kendrick Perkins, the announcer yells, “He got him with the Mozgov!! He just Mozgov’d Kendrick Perkins!!” This was not a Mozgov; good day to you!

  • 2cents

    Not that Spencer needs back up, but if you Google the term, you will find that the definition varies. Greatly.

  • SoulChorea

    no need to google the term if you actually watch basketball OOOOHHH lol

  • spencer

    Although it’s not Merriam-Webster or OED, I see no reference to the rim-less throw-down to which you refer. But, I still commend you for challenging my diction on the post.

  • SoulChorea

    I kid, I kid…I know we all watch basketball; it’s DimeMag afterall. Anyway, here’s an example (I can’t find the one where the announcer uses the name “Mozgov” as a verb but if I do, I’ll post it. But you get what I’m sayin:


  • SoulChorea

    ok here’s one where he gets Kris Humphries…description on the video says he Mozgoved him. I rest my case (I’ve taken this way too far, I know…but I had to demonstrate the true definition!)


  • spencer

    I appreciate the time you took to track that down, but “Mozgov” as a verb is still just a colloquialism stemming from a dunk where he didn’t grab the rim. Now whether that’s the definition of “Mozgov” is up to interpretation since it’s not a real word. But, I’m willing to concede the point because it at least differentiates it from just a noteworthy jam. I fear Mozgov can’t get up high enough for your iteration of a “Mozgov,” but that makes your interpretation a lot more amusing.