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The 10 Greatest Shooting Guards In NBA History

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant (Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports)

The shooting guard position is a thing of beauty. Michael Jordan came into the league and dominated his spot and the NBA like no other player has ever done. Aside from Jordan, other players such as Clyde Drexler, Jerry West, Earl Monroe and many others were, at one point in time, considered one of the top talents at shooting guard.

Without the off-guard, it is fair to assume the NBA would not be the household name that it is today, despite the way the position has fallen off over the last generation. Here are the ten greatest players to ever play the spot.

Honorable Mention: Reggie Miller (1987-2005)
Career stats: 18.2 PPG, 3.0 RPG, 3.0 APG and 1.1 SPG
Career accomplishments: 5x All-Star, 3x All-NBA, Hall of Fame Inductee

Reggie Miller might be the greatest shooter in NBA history–some might take Ray Allen, Stephen Curry or Jerry West, but we will leave that debate for another day. Granted, Miller only went to the NBA Finals one time in his career, but looking at the team that was built around him, it is understandable why this is the case. He was a menace to anyone he played against, just ask John Starks or Michael Jordan. His veteran savvy made him frustrating to deal with. Make no mistake about it, Miller’s best moment came when he torched the Knicks for eight points in nine seconds.

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10. Earl Monroe (1967-1980)
Career stats: 18.8 PPG, 3.0 RPG, 3.9 APG and 1.0 SPG
Career accomplishments: 1968 Rookie of the Year, 1968 All-Rookie team, 4x All-Star, 1x All-NBA, 1x NBA Champion and a Hall of Fame Inductee.

Earl the Pearl, a.k.a. Black Jesus, was a legend in the streets of Philadelphia. Monroe was not an easy defensive task for his era. His handle of the ball was so advanced, and his midrange abilities were so lethal, he had coaches scrambling to find the proper defense to contain the Pearl. When he was traded to the Knicks to pair with Walt Frazier, it created a tandem of brilliance. Together, they won the 1973 NBA championship.

9. Ray Allen (1996 – present)
Career stats: 18.9 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 3.4 APG and 1.1 SPG
Career accomplishments: 1997 All-Rookie team, 10x All-Star, 2x All-NBA and a 2x NBA champion

Ray Allen is the all-time leader in three-pointers made, but the silky smooth sharpshooter was not just a shooter. Allen, the fifth overall draft pick in 1996, was a jack-of-all-trades. He could handle the ball and initiate offense, finish at the rim and defend the opponents’ best player. Ray Allen’s ability can be analyzed in a couple of simple steps. He was a standout with the Milwaukee Bucks, and then he dealt with mediocre play with the Sonics, but as soon as he was traded to the Celtics to team with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, they became instant contenders that resulted in Allen’s first NBA title. At the moment, Ray Allen is a member of the Miami Heat, chasing his third NBA title.

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  • http://www.ummahsports.net UmmahSports

    I’d put Reggie in the Top 10 over Sam Jones. And personally I’d find a way to get T-Mac on there, but I understand why many people wouldn’t.

  • Saleem Rainman

    Reggie probs belongs on the list. and no way imm putting Dwade above Jerry west.

  • Harley Dewar

    Wade is an all time great but #4 is way too high, Top 10 but definitely not top 5.

  • Josh Tufts

    What doesn’t make Wade top 5?

  • Harley Dewar

    For me Iverson, West and Clyde are higher on the list. Wade very well could be higher by the time his career is over. Big 3 hurts his legacy imho.

  • Josh Tufts

    Other than Jordan and Kobe, no one was a better 2-way guard. He’s in my opinion, a very underrated blocker, he’s a great passer. What he lacks is 3 point range, but he’s developed a reliable mid range jump shot and no one other than Jordan could drive the lane and finish better. He’s got a Finals MVP and a scoring title. And I still think he should have been a league MVP. I think he’s overall game on both sides, definitely puts him in the top 5. That 06 Finals appearance alone shows exactly what he is capable of doing.

  • Edelrey Paraon

    why not ? Wade is a 3 time champ ? .. obviously when its all set and done he will surpass West’s career output

  • MoHammed Okaf

    you forget Julius Erving ( Dr J ) -_- for me and LeBron James also he’s the 2nd all time best basketball player

  • Kalen Bevy Lipsey

    Tmac played alot of 3 as well… Tmac only got scoring titles he will make top 15

  • Kalen Bevy Lipsey

    Penny would of been on here

  • Kevin Daniel Luberus

    Lebron James isn’t a 2 guard…

  • John Hanson

    man i thought the soundtracks for each video were amazing until i heard the top 3 player videos had the same fucking garbage song

  • D-Rob

    Sidney Moncrief?

  • D-Rob

    Defence is an underrated determinant of how good a player is tbh.

  • Joe Cain

    Wasn’t he a Point Guard?.

  • Kalen Bevy Lipsey

    I guess yea but he guarded a lot of 2s

  • http://30homegames.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page.html 30HomeGames

    Its interesting that Kobe only has one MVP to go with his 5 CHIPs as many of the All-time Greats can boast having a few.
    Being real though, these lists are fun but its best just to appreciate them all for their achievements. I have my personal faves but ranking sometimes makes you lose sight of these Players overall greatness.

  • Cameron Hynd-Gaw

    “no one other than Jordan could drive the lane and finish better” I’m sorry nut have you ever seen The Answer play. He was a much, much better driver than wade despite being smaller and lighter. He also has had much more help the AI ever did.

  • Andrew Berger

    Good list! The last two or three spots are tough to fill. I’d put Mavarich or Dumars at number 10 over Earl the Pearl and have the answer up a little higher. I feel like because of the way his career ended and never had alot of team sucess he dropped a little but iverson was almost always on his own… The best players he played with during his prime were Mutumbo, an Old Chris Webber and Derrick Coleman (decent players but def not second options on champion squads)

  • Bueno

    Where’s Vince Carter? He may not one a ring for now, but look up his stats. He’s making a good run for a guy his age and he was a beast in his prime, like a real beast right?

  • M. Weber

    Wade is not #3. West is better

  • Joshua Almira


  • jahali

    because when you sit out 1/3 of the season for 2 seasons thats why.

  • Trevor

    What about Mich Richmond. Over 20 points per game in his career

  • Mopo

    You think he should have played with a torn shoulder? LOL

  • SuckaMCsduckdown

    Regular season MVPs have been popularity contests for a long a time. If I told you that a player once averaged 35/5/4 and did not win the MVP, you would probably laugh at me. That man was Kobe Bryant. He averaged 31 the next year AGAIN and still didn’t win it. If the award was not a popularity contest, Bryant would have AT LEAST 3 by now. It’s whoever is the flavor of the year for journalist that wins. IN the middle of the 2000s when nobody on this earth could touch Kobe Bryant on the court, he won a grand total of ZERO MVPs. Why is that? Journos would give you some BS about oh his team wasn’t good. Team record should not mean jack shit when deciding an individual award. Why is an individual blamed when his team did not make the playoffs?

    Finals MVPs are where it’s at.

  • alex prado

    Preach, brotha

  • Brandon

    If Drazen Petrovic lived he would have been on this list.

  • Brandon

    Yesss! I forgot about Pistol.

  • jam27

    No disrespect to the other guys but clearly Iverson should’ve ranked at least top 5. Funny how Drexler was described as “a great team player averaging almost 6 assists a game” while Iverson “never really made his teammates better” with his over 6 apg average, second only to Jerry West on this list. C’mon, you’ve gotta give credit where credit is due.

  • André Edgecombe

    if we talking about shooting guards why is Allen Iverson in it

  • Popsshii Dhee Oppa

    Where will you see a SG 6’4 player who can post up 6’9 & 6’11 players, blocks 7’0 players? Most of SG are scorer but Wade can defend and can score whenever he wants to.

  • Daniel Johnson

    Nobody is more overrated than Iverson … except maybe Shaq.

  • Daniel Johnson

    Iverson: most overrated player ever. His shooting percentages were so abysmal that he should’ve taken only half the shots he did.

  • clark777

    how is iverson overrated? He was 6’0′ and destroyed everyone. He just never had a good enough team to get a ring. lebron s overrated.

  • Snoopy Schulz

    joe dumars is nothing compared to the great DWAYNE WADE

  • Snoopy Schulz


  • Timmy Chong

    that 2 definitely needs a * next to it.

    Jerry never played with 2 Franchise players in their primes.

    Wilt and Baylor we’re on their last legs, and goodrich i wouldn’t say was a superstar player even though he’s a franchise player.

    not to mention west was much more fundamentally sound, a much better lock down defender (of his era, he probably was one of the best if not the best defensive guard in his day) He was a 2 way combo guard, similar to d-wade but much better. he was a perfectionist in his craft. Over all player? no way wade even steps close to west.

  • Noah Yan

    shaq didnt do shit in the finals lol, 12 pts faverage by shaq for the 3RD best in the final lol, espn ranked wades final as the greatest ever

  • Timmy Chong

    ……. what does shaq have to do with having an asterisk next to ones he won’t with lebron and wade?

    If you live by ESPN, you truly have no basketball knowledge at all.

    You mean the finals when wade shot free throws all the way to win a ring?

    lol. wade should be at the bottom of that list.

  • Noah Yan

    wade should be at number 2, he is better than kobe unless you are brainwashed by the media

  • arch

    then kobe should niot be # coz even wade is better than kb. it would be different of course if they were ranking greatest ball hogs ever. mamba would be number 1

  • arch

    sitting out two straight seasons? are we talking about kobe here

  • arch

    how is shaq overrated? if you were watching shaq of 06 then yea. but he has been the best player for his first 10 year period. should have won 3 season mvps. how could a three time finals mvp who put up double double numbers every season get only one season mvp? he’s underrated really

  • wadefan

    the wade description isn’t needed look ay his stats his performances his career he was a top 3 sg at both ends and one of the best scorers ever he has the closest mj finals ever and is a top 3 sg already easy he’s a 10 time all star in 11 years 24.0 ppg

  • wadefan

    west played in the 60’s lol no black players you realize he was 6’2 in a league where being 6’8 meant you were a center and there was 8 teams no scouting report basically he would be a point guard now he is overated mj wade kobe tie clyde allen dumars Richmond sam jones dennis johnson moncreif tmac

  • wadefan

    shaq was on his last legs so was zo payton and jwill that heat team’s second best player in the finals was haslem lol and jerry west played with Baylor forever stupid and they never won together it is you who knows nothing west only won with wilt when they were both old as shit look the celtics were just better especially in 69 when old ass player coach about to retire bill russel won game 7 in la lol they lost 7 finals to boston in 8 years lol wade’s 06 finals is the closest to mj’s 1993 finals when he avg 43 a night

  • wadefan

    he played a lot of 3 sf so did tmac ai played point alot to so I put him there dennis Johnson gets no love because defense unless your dumars gets no love he was a better defensive player then dumars a 3 time champ and a former finals mvp in seattle yet he gets no love think of bruce bowen mixed with dumars dumars was a little better on offense shooting 3’s

  • wadefan

    he never won so hey glen rice is the most underated player who actually won games lol