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LeBron James Shrugs Off McRoberts’ Forearm Foul, Leads Heat To Win

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh

Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

Despite a tendency to relax after a pretty overwhelming Game 1 win at home, the Heat held on against a feisty Bobcats squad that had to deal with a tough injury to the focal point of their offense. But LeBron James was active all night, scoring 32 on just 17, handling a pretty tough foul, involving his teammates and throwing down a sick breakaway rim-rocker.

Here’s the tomahawk LeBron put down after the Bobcats threw the ball away and James pounced on it.

As per that forearm shiver McRoberts gave ‘Bron later on in the game, James was noncommittal when asked whether it was a flagrant after the game:

McRob claimed it looked worse than it was, and said the forearm to the gullet was unintentional:

Regardless of Grizzly Adams’ intentions, James and the Heat cruised to the win, becoming the only first-round team with home-court advantage to win their first two games.

Did McRoberts intentionally slam LeBron with his forearm?

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  • north

    It looked like McBob was going up and then realized he was going to get crushed so he put his elbow out. However, he should get fined. Regardless of what he was trying to do someone was going to get hit hard on that play and he was in no position to play real defence. Would have worked in the ’80’s but not now.