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Magic Johnson Denies Trying To Buy The Clippers

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson (Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports)

Earlier today, Yahoo Sports reported that NBA Hall-of-Famer Magic Johnson was looking to possibly purchase the Los Angeles Clippers as many believe the current owner, Donald Sterling, will (hopefully) be forced — if the NBA’s constitutional bylaws allow — to sell his team following his purported recording. Welp, Magic denied the story earlier tonight in a tweet.

While it’s true the Clippers already have an owner, many are hoping the NBA suspends Sterling indefinitely in a schedule press conference Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET. Once that happens, some believe the NBA’s board of governors should force Sterling to finally sell the team under the NBA’s constitutional bylaws. The expediency of dealing with Sterling’s supposed comments cannot be iterated enough and we already highlighted a possible pecuniary argument the NBA’s owners could use to force the sale — though whether they’d avoid a likely lawsuit from the stubborn Sterling is anybody’s guess.

If Sterling does sell, we can’t think of a better owner than Johnson to cleanse the palette of this whole horrific ordeal. The only way Sterling has any chance of avoiding life-long antipathy from fans around the world surviving this story, would be to transfer ownership to the NBA titan prominently involved in the alleged recording of Sterling chastising his then-girlfriend for posting a picture of Johnson on her Instagram.

Will Magic attempt to purchase the Clippers, or was the rumor just that?

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  • http://imgur.com/CARxcSp The Carthaginian

    So an 80yr old guy makes bigoted comments in private to his girlfriend, therefore he should be forced to sell his NBA team?!?!? It is difficult for me to follow the logic.

    Obviously this woman is connected to Magic Johnson and clearly if you listen to the recording she intentionally did this for someone. Nothing negative was said about Magic Johnson on the recording yet he was the first person commenting when this story broke, and Yahoo reported yesterday he wants to buy the Clippers…. put 2 and 2 together.

    Donald Sterling is a scumbag but the people pushing this contrived story for their own agenda are worse in my eyes.

  • quickster

    To me the woman is vindictive cause she knows Sterling wife is suing her for 1.8 millions. What better way for her to push Donald Sterling to say something racial. I wouldn’t be surprise if Magic have something to do with it. Magic and his partner wants an NBA franchise bad. There is always a double standard. Spike Lee, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton would say something racial and nothing happens to them. If other minority say something against blacks they always plays the race card. I was laughing at my co-worker that the Clippers is like a plantation and the players are the slaves. Wow, the players lives in mansion and earn millions of dollars. I told him where do I sign. I think Donald Sterling will sell the team. Magic Johnson will be the buyer because of the intense pressure his getting.