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Throwback Thursday: Jason Williams’ Top 10 Career Plays

Jason Williams

Any excuse to show more White Chocolate highlights and we’re in. While Jason Williams never really became the world-beating point guard many envisioned when he first dazzled fans during his rookie year, he won a title with the Heat, and continued to give fans goosebumps with his electrifying passing and sick handle — not to mention getting bestowed with one of the best nicknames of all time. Even this past summer, after retirement, he was still throwing no-look dimes. If you don’t want to watch the 10 best White Chocolate highlights from his career, we feel very sorry for you.

Whether we’re watching some of his greatest YouTube highlight tapes, or his top 10 career plays below, we’ll never tire of watching this showman perform.

That crossover of the Glove broke a lot of NBA cherries.

Favorite Jason Williams highlight of all time?

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  • north

    Gary Payton’s face… gold. Frame it.

  • SweetdickWilly

    Hell yeah, it was. He was talking shit to him before and during the game up to that point. After Allen Iverson and MJ’s push/crossover gamewinner, this was the most memorable crossover of the late 90s. He could’ve been even more regarded had he ever gained some more smarts. Skillwise, he was All-Star level but Jason’s decision making held him back to an extent.