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Video: Kevin Durant Attacks The Rim With Fury

Andre Drummond, Kevin Durant

Andre Drummond, Kevin Durant (Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports)

Capping off a season where he’s likely to capture his first MVP award, Kevin Durant also nabbed his fourth scoring title in five years, averaging a career-high 32.0 PPG. KD, who finished with 42 points against the visiting Pistons, also lit up Chesapeake Energy Arena in the first quarter with a ridiculous throw-down. Durantula drove down the middle of the lane, took off, and soared in for a monster dunk over Andre Drummond.

The Thunder narrowly won — 112-111 — over the Pistons to close their regular season thanks to a go-ahead dunk from Durant in the closing seconds of the game. OKC will face the Memphis Grizzlies in the first round, which begins Saturday.

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  • 2cents

    Can only hope he wins MVP. But what happened to the nickname “Slim Reaper”?

  • spencer

    I edited this, and I have some pretty strong feelings against the Slim Reaper nickname.

  • 2cents

    Yo I didn’t mean to offend anyone. I was just making a flippant comment. Durantula is cool, but I still think Slim Reaper is suitable.

  • spencer

    No offense taken. I just prefer Durantula, which is which is why I included it in the edits. Almost everyone prefers Slim Reaper except KD and myself. So, unless someone else is editing a piece, or one of our writer’s offers a suitable reason why I should keep it in, I avoid including the moniker. You’re one of our more astute readers @disqus_DW8bVjeWHR:disqus, and I never have a problem with your criticisms, which are usually pretty on-point.

  • 2cents

    Got nothing but respect for your work Spencer. You have a good Easter. and keep posting the good stuff.