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GIF: “Animated” LeBron James After Heat Advance

LeBron James

LeBron James (Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)

When the Heat held on in Game 5 last night, despite Joe Johnson‘s very real threat of forcing a Game 6, LeBron James — perhaps a bit prematurely — jumped on the scorers table, and pounded his chest as the normally too cool for school Miami crowd cheered him on. Now he’s getting the animated GIF treatment by Pat Truby, a GIF Master we’ve featured before.

By way of Lang Whitaker at the NBA’s All Ball Blog, comes Pat Truby‘s use of this GIF from the end of the Heat-Nets series to make another animated classic:

We could watch these on loop all day, but what of LeBron’s dramatics after simply moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals?

LeBron James

LeBron James (Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports)

We’re pretty sure Paul Pierce and the Nets scared the wits out of Miami — even if they’ll never admit as much. A second-round opponent never looked so imposing until the Heat handled their business, but he should probably conserve his energy until he’s got that 3-peat locked up. Anything less than another title would be a disappointment at this point.

(Pat Truby; themiamiheat; H/T Lang Whitaker)

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  • diablofreak

    im not a lebron lover. not by a long shot. but let him have a moment to pump up the crowd, miami crowd needs it. are they still not showing up until the 2nd half even in these playoffs?

  • Matthew Christopher

    hah dime magazine.. what are you talking about.. how many fist pounds to the chest did jordan and kobe have? too many to count. let the guy enjoy himself!

  • spencer

    I can only remember Kobe and Jordan jumping on the scorers table after winning titles. LeBron’s been to the Conference Finals many times before. Seemed weird even with the Pierce/KG angle. Still really awesome when it’s animated.