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Jay-Z Looks Pissed Stuck Between Beyonce & Jake Gyllenhaal (Pic)

Jake Gyllenhaal, Jay-Z, Beyonce

Jake Gyllenhaal, Jay-Z, Beyonce (photo. @ Bey_Legion)

Former minority owner for the Nets Jay-Z was on hand for Brooklyn’s Game 3 win at home against the Heat on Saturday night. He was flanked by his stunning wife, Beyonce, and a grizzly-looking Jake Gyllenhaal. One pic of the threesome showed an annoyed looking HOVA cut out of conversation between Beyonce and Jake.

Here’s the pic — almost as if Jay-Z is annoyed he brought Jake to the game because he’ll just talk movies with Bey…

It then appears Shawn Carter takes his anger out on the ref after being left out of the previous conversation…

But then Jay realizes, that he’s probably gonna be on the jumbotron so maybe he should avoid all that frowning. He is, after all, the artist behind the still-classic Reasonable Doubt.*

Plus, Bey and Jay also look to be enjoying Deron Williams‘ fall from grace.

In the end though, Jake and Jay could laugh because both are fabulously wealthy and Jay-Z is married to Beyonce.

What are Jake and Beyonce talking about in that first photo?

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  • Rob Stewart

    Neither one of them are wearing a ring, but why? Didn’t they get married?

  • Walter Egy Herrmann

    cos they were discussing hair things and Jay couldn’t join in

  • Gawd Soljah

    A threesome…see it on Jiggas face!?

  • yazmynn johnstone

    She wears her wedding ring in her video for 1+1

  • Mica

    They don’t normally wear their rings because they don’t want to lose it, it’s way too fucking expensive.

  • Keylaboo

    Its kind of weird because Beyonce either had her Roman Normal ‘4’ tattoo that she had on her wedding finger either covered up or removed because on other pics from the game it isn’t there! She had the tattoo in replacement for when she doesn’t wear her ring. It represents their number together…(anniversary April 4, Bey b-day Sept. 4, Jay b-day Dec. 4).