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Kobe Bryant Talks Lakers Coach, Sterling, MJ & Phil Jackson With Jimmy Kimmel

Kobe Bryant, Jimmy Kimmel

Kobe Bryant stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday night in the midst of a complicated offseason where the Lakers are looking for a new coach. He talked about having input on that process, exchanging some light-hearted smack with Michael Jordan ā€” as embellished a tad by Phil Jackson during his promotional and his thoughts concerning Donald Sterling when Mamba debated signing with the Clippers in 2004.

Here’s Kobe on Phil and his back-and-forth with MJ, including MJ’s assertion that Kobe would have never dropped 81 on him if he’d been in the league:

And his encounter with Sterling when he was debating signing with the Lakers’ crosstown rivals as a free agent in 2004:

As for whether the Lakers will consult with him on their next head coaching hire, Kobe informed Jimmy, “On the last two they didnā€™t. On the third one, I hope they do.”

This anecdote about helping his daughter get over a tough softball loss by showing her footage from when the Lakers lost the NBA Finals in 2008 to the

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Celtics, he’s shared with Kimmel before, but it’s worth hearing again:

Will the Lakers consult with Kobe before hiring their next coach?

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  • Edelrey Paraon

    Yeah i remember that .. He did scored 42 on the first half over Michaels Wizards but shot 1/13 in the second half … and Jordan is playing at the 3 so MJ isnt really guarding Kobe… So the “I did scored 42 on him on the first half” part is a little bit off the mark … but all the respect to Kobe … i hate to say it … He is the best Laker ever and top 2 greatest SG of all time … and top 5 greatest player of all time