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You Shouldn’t Ever Piss Off Udonis Haslem

LeBron James, Lance Stephenson, Udonis Haslem

LeBron James, Lance Stephenson, Udonis Haslem (photo. Guyism)

As we’ve already shown you a couple of times, Lance Stephenson was embroiled in a number of different incidents during Game 6, despite his GM/mentor, Larry Bird, cautioning him to leave the crap hijinks off the court. Heat power forward Udonis Haslem had a different way of warning Stephenson to knock it off.

Haslem is an original gangster; he was a part of the Heat’s 2006 Title with a not-quite past-his-prime Shaq playing Robin to Dwyane Wade‘s Batman. Haslem always seemed like the gruff uncle that’ll cuff you on the head if you give your mom some backtalk growing up. As such, he decided to instill some caution in Lance after his antics early in Game 6.

Senior Editor of Guyism.com, Twitter user @WorldOfIsaac seems to think UD told Lance, “I’m going to f**k you up…I will,” but we read his lips to say: “I will f**k you up…That’s real.”

Regardless of the diction, we’re really hoping to remain on the good graces of Haslem. We can’t be sure, but we don’t think Lance misbehaved after Haslem’s very “real” warning.

(Isaac, Guyism.com)

What do you think?

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  • 2cents

    Mmmmmm, so whispering in an ear is offensive, but saying that on national TV is okay? I think people have a warped view of sportsmanship at the moment.

  • BushidoBrown76

    Actually he said ” I’m gonna fuck you up…and that’s real”

  • Ryan Banks

    Haslems a bum now

  • Jamie

    I don’t recall anyone saying the ear thing was offensive. Maybe I missed that. I think everyone thought it was ridiculous, just as Haslem was being ridiculous. All in all, it was fun and games and quality entertainment. What more could you ask for? I think real NBA fans crave a little drama during the playoffs. It’s what makes it fun.

  • 2cents

    Jamie – I was actually referring to Larry Bird’s statement about Lance needing to tone down the monkey business. I agree, his antics are much needed in this rivalryless NBA. With Stern now gone, all I can hope for is Silver will reintroduce trash talking, taunting and other fan favourite interactions.