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Pacers Have Been Most Penalized Team For Flopping

Lance Stephenson, LeBron James, Roy Hibbert, Chris Bosh

Lance Stephenson, LeBron James, Roy Hibbert, Chris Bosh (Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports)

Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert were both fined for flopping after Game 5 against the Miami Heat. The Pacers have been critical of the officiating at times in this series, most notably when Paul George complained after a Game 4 blowout loss at Miami. There are no points for style in the playoffs, only the wins and losses count. But the Pacers, with all the infighting and excuses they’re making, are not endearing themselves to anyone. The flopping is also nothing new, as they have been by far the team penalized the most since flopping fines were instituted in 2012.

Via Spotrac, only nine teams have been fined for flopping so far. The Pacers lead the way with seven fines totaling $40,000, with Stephenson as the main culprit with four separate fines. Here’s the flop from him in Game 5 that penalized him $10,000, the most expensive flop in NBA history so far:

It’s about as blatant as you can get when it comes to flopping, but Roy Hibbert topped him in the fourth quarter. Watch as Mario Chalmers comes in the paint, and with just a gentle push, sends the Pacers All-Star center flying:

The Pacers are desperate in this series to find whatever edge they can, and it appears that process includes embellishing any physical contact for the referees. They are starting to develop a reputation for it though, and while it could just be for this series, that’s not something you want going forward. The referees will be more aware of their reputation and less likely to give you a borderline call when it matters.

As for criticizing the officials and then putting on a master class in flopping on your home floor? It’s frustrating and hard to root for, which is exactly what the Pacers have been throughout their entire playoff run so far.

(H/T Trey Kerby, James Herbert)

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  • 2cents

    Well said Steve. I didn’t think it was possible to go from darling to despised so fast. Here I was hoping they would beat the Heat, but now if they made the Finals, I would think they didn’t earn it.

  • PG24fan

    That’s only because the Miami Heat get away with it more often. The Pacers only started doing it because Miami was doing it and getting away with it so they figured they’d fight fire with fire.

  • rickg411

    Clearly a bias article. First off as you said it was Paul George who made those comments but you didn’t see him with any flops. How bout mentioning the 37 pts and no flops in game 5 for him? Lance Stevenson doesn’t represent the team and is clearly not playing like a professional as espn has pointed out several times. In fact he accounts for $25k of the total $40k you had mentioned and $20k of that is just in this post season with $15k of that in this MIA series alone. Take his fines out and the Pacers would actually be tied at #1 OR behind the Heat at #2 since the Spotrac list isn’t fully accurate. (The list is missing the $5k LeBron fine from game 4)

    Second, the whole flopping rule is mainly in place because the Miami Heat has gotten away with flopping through 2 championships. If you need references you can search You Tube and find plenty of LeBron highlights and parodies that demonstrate that point. They are much better at acting then anyone else so it’s little hard to justify a fine unless the flops’ are obvious like the one’s above.

    Bottom line is it doesn’t matter how Stevenson or the Pacers act since the NBA and their officials will always side with the biggest money maker regardless. It was the same way with the Bulls, the Lakers, and it’s the same case with LBJ and the Heat.

  • http://Poop.com Ryan Wilson

    LOL!!! Shut up please! Pacers deserve it way more then the HEAT. Built not Bought don’t ever say that shit again EVER. Nobody cares for ya 2cents

  • 2cents

    Mate, take it easy. I hate the Heat as much as anyone, but a team that flops, blames referees and has their GM shaking their head at their own antics, makes it hard for other NBA fans to root for.

  • TheCaptainPotato

    Oh, please. While the Pacers have been flopping, it’s because of Miami. While LeBron James acts like he’s gotten mowed down by a row of machine guns when Paul George touches him, foul on George, LeBron was so brave for taking such a hard foul. Lance Stephenson flopping after LeBron touches him, a fine and a flopping foul. smh.

  • Griffin Bostian

    OK, the Pacers do flop a lot but, please tell me Wade got fined for his near the end of game 4. If not, the application of this rule, is horrendous.

  • http://Poop.com Ryan Wilson

    ok mate.